Yari-Tab (full name: Yari Sunwarm Fourth Orangedaughter) was a she-cat living during the Age of Fire. She was slim, being a stray, with striped orange pelt and black paws.

Life Edit

Yari-Tab encountered Wistala and despite their difference, the two being met on a common ground and some shared features between dragons and felines. The two agreed on exploring together the Tumbledown ruins, soon forming a bond of friendship.

Later Wistala met again the orange she-cat, now pregnant, in Tumbledown. Remembering their friendship, Wistala offered the she-cat to live in Mossbell: Yari-Tab brought with her a friend, Jalu-Coke.

During the Invasion of Mossbell, she was briefly caught by Eliam: the cruel boy was going to enjoy killing the she-cat (now growing older) while throwing her in flames, but Wistala attacked Eliam and saved the she-cat, gifting an horrible scar to the face of the young human.

Legacy Edit

Wistala was the first being to make Wistala learning how it was possible not only to have contacts with other races, but also befriending them. This could be done because despite their differences in body and behavior, the two females shared some common traits.

At the time of their second meeting, Yari-Tab was pregnant with a litter of kits: despite her short feline life, her offspring would keep on to live in the Mossbell. Years later, Wistala met one of Yari-Tab's children: Aroo.