Wistala (sometimes known formally as Wistala Irelianova) was one of The Siblings. She was also known as "Tala" by strict friends and relatives (first called this by her mother), and as Oracle while travelling with the Ragwrist's circus and later by barbarians for her actions toward the Wheel of Fire. She played an important part during the Age of Fire, shaping the destiny of the world.

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Race: Dragon
Gender: Female
Appearences: Green
Current: Chartered Trust
Past: Dragon Empire, Hypatian Empire
Current: Hypatian Librarian
Past: Queen-Consort of the Dragon Empire, Protector, Firemaid
Father: AuRel, Rainfall (step-father)
Mother: Irelia
Brother/s: the Copper, the Red, AuRon
Sister/s: Jizara
Grandfather/s: AuRye (fatherly), EmLar (motherly)
Grandmother/s: Epata (fatherly), Wistala (motherly)
Cousin: NiVom
Distant Relative: NooMoahk (possible ancestor)
Mate/s: DharSii
Children: A first clutch with CuDasthene, 2 other males, 2 females was adopted officially by Aethleethia.

Official: others from a second clutch

Friends: Yari-Tab, Stog, Lada, Takea
Enemies: Dragonblade, Eliam, Wheel of Fire
Battles: Invasion of Mossbell, Battle of Ba-drink, Third Battle for the sun-shard, Second Battle of the Star-Tunnel, Battle of the Iwensi Gap, First Battle of Hypat,Third Battle of Lavadome, Battle of the Isle of Ice, War in Sunstruck Sea, Second Battle of Hypat, Fourth Battle of Lavadome
Death: Alive, at the beginning of the Age of the Foundations

Personality & Traits Edit

Wistala was born a green like most females. She was close with her brother AuRon during her early life, and was somewhat a tom boy, eager for a fight in her youth, but she grew to loathe it later. She was very headstrong, but is also very worldly and knowledgeable, thanks to her adopted father, Rainfall. She was known as being chunkier than most dragon females, and Wistala often perceived herself as ugly compared to other dragonelles.

Wistala even from her youth was clearly an intelligent being, outsmarting her siblings in intelligence and quick thinking: after the relationship with her foster-father Rainfall, she grew in treating all hominids with equality and justice. Compared with AuRon and the Copper, she had the best opinion of the hominids. She's known to have eat only one human being in her life, an enemy she had brought down while being hunted by Galahall's barbarians and who she ate in need for survival.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

After her mother's and sister's deaths at the hands of Dragonblade, she and her brother made it into the Upper World. After Auron sacrificed himself to save her, she found her father, AuRel, and he protected her while she healed his wounds. On a metal foraging trip to the ruins of Tumbledown, she befriended a cat named Yari-Tab, and the two discovered a hoard of treasure protected by a rat community. When Wistala returned, the Dragonblade found AuRel by following her, and the dragon was ultimately killed after a last stand. She breathed her first flame and became a drakka, jumping into a river to escape a pack of dogs.

Mossbell Edit

She was rescued by an elf named Rainfall and took to his home, Mossbell, where she learned Elvish and Parl. She became fond to Rainfall and helped him countless times, developing the relationship between a father and his daughter. After she killed a troll that was plaguing the surrounding countryside, she led a party of explorers into the ruins where she had found the hoard. She also met Yari-Tab, now pregnant, and the feline traveled with them to Mossbell.

She then used the treasure to extinguish Rainfall's debts and free his granddaughter Lada from the Thane Hammar in Galahall.

Rainfall eventually adopted Wistala as a daughter and sold her Mossbell to avoid it falling into the hands of the treacherous Thane. He also erected an inn dedicated to her, known as the Green Dragon. Afterwards, the visiting circus of Ragwrist came: Wistala joined it along with Lada, becoming sort of a protector-entertainer for the traveling band and worked as oracle, dispensing advices thanks her fast skill to understand the others.

Revenge against the Wheel of Fire Edit

Reunion Edit

After Escaping from the Demens, she was brought to the Lavadome where she reunited with Copper Now Tyr RuGuard. AuRon arrives soon after to deliver a message from the Red Queen and  when he spots the Tyr, he's manipulated to attack his brother by the Red Queen's magic. Wistala intervenes and the murdering fails, while AuRon regain his will, RuGaard realize his brother was manipulated, yet the relationship between the two brothers remains cold.

Queen of the Lavadome Edit

At the request of Nilrasha, Wistala becomes Queen-Consort to Tyr RuGaard, a position which requires her to preside over new hatchings, various ceremonies, and the running of the Firemaids. She agrees to help mostly out of concern that the alliance remain equal for both dragons and hominids, though it's proven time and time again that the other dragons in the alliance, including her brother the Copper, believe dragons to be superior.

While Nilrasha asked Wistala to keep her eyes open for conspiracy against Tyr RuGaard, Wistala failed to stop Ibidio from accusing Nilrasha openly of murdering RuGaard's first mate, Halaflora, and demanding a public trial to condemn the one-time queen. Wistala also did not warn RuGaard of the plot and could not prevent the exile of her brother the Tyr, so she joined him and their brother AuRon in exile.

Exile and Return Edit

Initially, the Siblings travel to the Isle of Ice to live out a peaceful exile. However, they discover that Imfamnia has taken over the island and tricked them into breaking the terms of their exile, which leads them into a fight with the new Protector of the island and her followers. Afterwards, the Siblings decide to follow Wistala's suggestion to take shelter in the Sadda-Vale. When they arrive there, Wistala promises Scabia she will mate with NaStirrath and produce eggs for Scabia's daughter to raise. However, NaStirrath arranges for their mating to be private in order for Wistala and DharSii to mate secretly, against Scabia's express wishes.

Later Life Edit

Sometime after her return, Wistala and Dharshii have an official clutch.

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