The Wheel of Fire (sometimes known "Burning Wheel" in Parl) was a clan of warlike dwarves controlling an important pass in the Red Mountains. Other dwarfs who disliked them, called them with the pejorative term "Appeal of Gold".

Their power center was located at Ba-drink, an half-moon shaped lake into their controlled pass that also give the name to their capital city. For most part of its history, the Wheel of Fire was ruled by the Council Table, formed by rich and influent families, until King Gobold rose to absolute power during the Age of Fire until his death. Dwarves often works for different Guilds: among them the Star-Guild, the Guild of Armorers, the Guild of Inventors and the secret Guild of Assassins.

They were notable for making deals with both the parents of The Siblings during the Wheel of Fire-blighters War, and later with one of the siblings themselves. When AuRel and Irelia first settled in the Red Mountains, they brokered a deal with the Wheel of Fire to exterminate several groups of blighters in exchange for a good amount of gold and silver. The Wheel of Fire later learned that the two had had a clutch of eggs, which they viewed as a breach of the agreement, as the deal was only for AuRel and Irelia to live there. 

Later, in an attempt to take revenge upon the pair, the Wheel "approached" the Copper to make a deal with him. The remainder of his parents' hoard in exchange for their lives and the lives of the Copper's siblings. The Copper took the deal, and his parents and sister were slaughtered. 

This massacre was the beginning of the Wheel of Fire-Dragons War (or feud) that took part as a concurrent conflict to the main ones of the Age of Fire.

The Wheel was later infiltrated by Wistala , posing as a dragon oracle. Giving "readings" that debilitate the machinations of the Wheel, she waited her time before eventually destroying their leadership in an act of betrayal from within: thanks Wistala's words, Gobold Fangbreaker rose to the position of King of his folk.

Under leadership of King Gobold, Wheel of Fire became powerful (defeating the demen in the Battle of Domlod), but Gobold also established an absolute power with terror and brutality.

All this come to an end with the downfall and death of the King, during the Battle of Ba-drink: the conflict left the Wheel of Fire greatly weakened. Lord Lobok took the leadership of the Wheel of Fire after Gobold's death.

Years later, the remainder of the Wheel attacked the Lavadome in an attempt to kill Wistala. They are overcome by the Copper's demen legion, and, save for a few who choose thralldom, were wholly wiped out.

Few of the survivors later joined the Deep Alliance.

Military uniforms Edit

They used dyed their leathers and face-masks a dull red, bearing also black flared helms and black cloaks.