War of the Sorcerer
Time end of the Age of the Sorcerer
Place the World
Result Death of Anklamere and fall of his dominion, colonization of the Lavadome by dragons.
Kingdom of Dairuss

and its allies

Anklamere dominion


Tindairuss NooMoahk Anklamere(killed)

Ju Ain K’on

Dairuss Army

allies (including elves)

1 dragon

Anklamere Army

Ironriders Army



enslaved dragons including Anklene

Probably Heavy Probably Very Heavy

The War of the Sorcerer put an end to the Age of the Sorcerer. Once there was a friendly relationship between the powerful Anklamere and Tindairuss, however the sorcerer is said to have grown crazy, making an alliance with the Ironriders led by Ju Ain K’on (his name means Bloodyhooves) and allowing them to raid the other human and elven territories.

Once the conflict erupted, King Tindairuss could count on the alliance and friendship of the powerful black dragon NooMoahk. In the final confrontations, NooMoahk fought the gargoyls of the sorcerer while Tindairuss himself killed Anklamere.

The fall of sorcerer didn't bring peace, because Tindairuss kept fighting the Ironriders with a number of victories until he eventually died. His heirs fought each other, dismembering their father's kingdom, while the surviving dragons took refuge in Lavadome.

The following years of conflict and instability didn't bring a new age until Tyr RuGaard declared the beginning of the Age of Fire.

It appears the blighters were dragged into the conflict by promises from Anklamere, but it brought them only death.

Among the dragons of the Lavadome, the downfall of Anklamere was remembered as a liberation and NooMoahk was remembered as a legendary figure responsible for it (even if the actual death of the sorcerer was by the hands of Tindairuss).