Uthaned was a bat living at the beginning of the Age of Fire. The nephew of Thernadad and Mamedi , the bats who originally found the Copper in the Lower World, he was only a cub at the beginning of the Copper's journey to the Lavadome.

In his later life, he was found by the Copper again after Dragon-riders takeover of the Lavadome. Being raised almost exclusively on dragonblood caused him to become stronger than his fellows and live to a much longer age (this made him something of a prototype for the Copper's and NiVom's eventual experiments with dragonblood).

Uthaned was assigned by the Copper to rally and direct all the bats he could find, to play a significant part in the Second Battle of Lavadome and liberate the Empire from its invaders.

Uthaned was survived at least by a son, who had his own children, and lived close him.