Tighlia was a Skotl dragonelle in Dragon Outcast . She was the sister of SiDrakkon and mated to FeHazathant and served as queen of the Dragon Empire. She was an influent and powerful figure before the Age of Fire, known for working between the shadows and among palace's intrigues to pursue her plans. She had startling violet eyes.


Tighlia was notoriously private about her early life. Prior to her mateship with FeHazathant, she was a Firemaiden of some distinction who fought in the Dragon Civil Wars. She played a part during the First Battle of Lavadome, already showing notorious skill for political schemes and trickery. With FeHazathant's Wyrr temperament and Tighlia's Skotl tenacity, they swiftly established order across the Lavadome, after the victory.

At the time of the Copper's arrival in the Lavadome, the pair's rule was well established, if always somewhat threatened by court intrigue. Tighlia proved herself to still be a strong dragonelle in her rulings, privy to the gossip that frequently claimed the Lavadome as a potent source of information. She was shown to be frequently annoyed at her mate's benevolence and quick, public actions, but contented to rule more from the shadows.

As the conspiracy to claim the throne culminated in the death of FeHazathant, Tighlia herself was implicated as the murderer by many. Though the killer was never found, FeHazathant's body was found scarred in such a way that could only be accomplished by a dragon in intimate contact with him. Additionally Ibidio informed the Copper to have noticed claw marks behind Tighlia's griff, and she was found in the same chamber. Tighlia never gave a direct admission either way, but was noticeably subdued in many of her future actions, even when FeHazathant's successor SiDrakkon ignored her counsel. 

Tighlia appeared to have grown enraged and dissatisfied about how SiDrakkon deluded her hopes for a stronger Tyr, and secluded themselves among Anklenes. When SiDrakkon appeared to show to react at the Invasion of Anaea, the Tyr was found murdered, apparently by SiMevolant, who assumed the title of Tyr and announced an "alliance" with the Andam and showed at the crowd assembled their envoy: Dragonblade.

Tighlia could no longer contain her anger at the state of the Lavadome. She flung herself at the Dragonblade, who slew her easily thanks his ability as dragon-slayer.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Tighlia was considered many things, most of them negative. From the more polite characteristics of hostile and bitter to the more overt accusations of murder, she was certainly never popular. Despite these things however, she was shown to be a very effective queen. Diligent and intelligent, she took great pains to understand the workings of the Lavadome and work to maintain it as well as possible. While FeHazathant made the grand statements of success, she handled the dirtier work and took the public hit, not minding in the slightest.

She was also shown to be direct and scornful of what many dragons considered honorable traits, scoffing at nearly all of them during a conversation with the Copper. While she was never overly friendly towards him, often insulting his appearance, she never shied away from giving credit where it was due. The Copper later thought of her as something of a distant motherly figure.

It was highly hinted by a number of events that the main motivation of Tighlia;s bloody actions were all intended to assure the best possible ruler to the Dragon Empire. In the case of SiDrakkon, it was probable that she simply wanted to put her brother in power while working in his shadow as the real ruler, directing him toward the choices she thought were best. The long list of her potential victims included: AgGriffopse (killed), DharSii (exiled), NiVom (exiled), her own mate FeHazathant (killed, possibly by her own direct action) and probably many others.

Tighlia never assumed responsibility for her actions, but it was hinted from her speeches that every terrible action she did was to prevent a new Civil War between Wyrr, Skotl and Anklene clans.


Though her co-rule with FeHazathant was subject to much hardship, Tighlia endured and became something of a model for future rulers of the Lavadome to strive for. The Copper often wondered what Tighlia would advise during his rule, were she still alive, and Nilrasha constantly compared herself to her, trying to match the example she set.

Tighlia is known to have laid no clutch with her mate Tyr FeHazathant.