Sneaky old bat thernadad by silvershadowstalker-d3inh49
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Race: Bat
Gender: Male
Appearences: Brown
Current: indipendent
Past: indipendent
Mate/s: Mamedi
Brother: Enjor
Friends: The Copper
Battles: None
Death: Killed by Fourfang Before the Age of fire

Thernadad was the bat that originally found the Copper after his fall into the Lower World. He considered himself the leader of the group of bats (most of them were his relatives) and often tried to control them, with varying degrees of failure. He was a greedy being like the other bats, but with sufficient intelligence to understand the limits and keep in mind a larger design to safeguard the future of his family. After his brother Enjor guided the Copper to the Lavadome , Thernadad and the rest of the bats take up refuge in the Copper's living quarters before eventually reaching an old age. Eventually when the Copper had to relocate in Anaea, Thernadad was too old to came out of his room and find another place, the Copper let him drink as much of his blood to make him fall asleep and then made Fourfang kill the old bat, to prevent him to die by starvation.

Legacy Edit

Thernadad's relationship with the Copper brought his people and his family to a new life in the Lavadome, there the bats grew larger and stronger and powerful in number and intelligence.

He was the mate of Mamedi, from who he possibly sired a number of litters.

Despite some individuals later would exploit the bats (as spies or to create gargoyls) bats would play a decisive part in the Second Battle of Lavadome and the Fourth Battle of Lavadome, thus playing an surprising key role in helping dragons during such important and decisive battles.

NOTE: In Dragon Fate he is mispelled "Fer-nadad".