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The Age of Dreams Edit

The Age of Dreams it's the first of the History of World. Little is known about it. The Age of Dreams came to an end with the coming of the blighters, who quickly became the dominant hominid species.

The Age of Wheels Edit

During the Age of Dreams the blighters are said to have ruled the world, probably at this time flourished the ancient Kingdom of Uldam. Eventually the blighters civilization fall in Barbary after conflict with Dragons during the Old Uldam Fall.

The Age of Sky-Kings Edit

Blighers were now subjected and worshipping dragons. This Age saw the rise of the Dragons as dominant race: hominids helped the dragons to create magnificent cities, including the white Silverhigh. Dragons were ruled by Dragon Kings, but they turned prone to enjoy luxury and comfort, eventually using humans for their wars. Eventually an hominid revolt lead by a man named Prymelete, caused the Fall of Silverhigh: after long fight, Prymelete was slain, but Silverhigh was left in ruin.

The Age of Iron Edit

With the fall of Silverhigh, it started the Age of Iron, dominated by the hominids that lead the downfall of Silverhigh.

The Age of the Sorcerer Edit

The Age of the Sorcerer can be considered the peak of the hominids Age, but also the roots of their ruin: under the rule of the powerful sorcerer Anklamere; the hominids, and especially the humans, extended their dominions. Anklamare enslaved the dragons and built an empire based on the exploitation of their strength: eventually Anklamare was defeated during the War of the Sorcerer and slain by king Tindairuss.

The Age of Fire Edit

The ends of the Age of the Sorcerer left the hominids reigns scattered and in war: eventually, with the Dragon-riders Wars, and following his ascendancy to the position of Tyr of the Lavadome, RuGaard proclaimed the beginning of a new age, the Age of Fire, to reclaim the Upper World and a new future for the dragonkin. This Age saw other bloody conflict, as the War of the Red Queen and the following Second Dragon Civil War: these brought to an end of the corrupted Dragon Empire even if at the loss of many lives that almost brought dragons to extinction.

The Age of Salvage Edit

A short Age during dragons gathered (some in Sadda-Vale) to save what was left of the dragon age.

The Age of Foundations Edit

The last known Age of the World: an Age of reconstruction of both dragons and hominids and the foundation of a common future.