The Siblings were three dragons born by AuRel and Irelia, who shaped the World during the Age of Fire. They were also known as "The Exiled" toward the end of the Age of Fire. They include:

  • AuRon, the clutch Champion, and a scaleless gray.
  • Wistala, a green-scaled dragonelle.
  • The Copper, an outcast, given the name RuGaard by the first Tyr of the Lavadome.

Age of fire dragon trio by isvoc-d7zqvk5

Auron, Wistala and the Copper. Art (c)isvoc [1]

Achievements Edit

All the three of them took part in many battles and historical events. It was AuRon who brought an end of the Dragon-riders Wars and ended the slavery of the northern dragons, while The Copper took the name of RuGaard and rose as Tyr of the Dragon Empire, starting a rule that eventually brought back the dragons to the Upper World. Wistala played a primary role in destroying the warring dwarf clan of the Wheel of Fire, become an Hypatian citizen and a librarian (making a contribution in their cultural heritage). All the three Siblings played a direct role in saving the dragonkind and the Hypatian civilization during the War of the Red Queen. They were also directly involved in the Second Dragon Civil War, defeating Imfamnia and the wizard Rayg, and ensuring the safety of the world with the downfall of these powerful foes.

Relationships Edit

The Siblings built a net of friendships among other dragons and other races. AuRon was cautious in giving contacts with other beings, but built strong friendship with the dwarf Djer, the humans Naf and Hieba and the wolves. The Copper was even more distanced from this kind of feelings, but his relationships with the bats played a decisive role in different battles and events. Wistala was the one who built the most strong and friendly relationships with hominids: she befriended many, including the elves Rainfall and Ragwrist, multiple humans, equines and cats. Wistala's experiences made her a protector not only of dragonkinds, but also of the smaller races.

All the Siblings took mate during their lives: AuRon mated with Natasatch, and sired AuSurath, AuMoahk, Istach and Varatheela.

Wistala secretly mated with DharSii, and laid a clutch that include CuDasthene, 2 other males and 2 other females (but they were all adopted by Aethleethia), eventually she mated officially with DharSii and was pregnant with a second clutch during the Age of Foundations.

The Copper mated with Halaflora, and she was believed to be pregnant with clutch, when she died: later the Copper mated with Nilrasha who never laid a clutch, however during the Age of Foundations they were rumored to be alive (after an assumed death) and finally happy with a long-expected clutch.

Legacy Edit