The Red Queen was a powerful human female ruler over the Ghioz Empire, whose actions shaped the destiny of the Age of Fire.

Early LifeEdit

The Red Queen began her rise to power as an enchanter among the Ironriders, in a walking house formed out of fallen trees, elves into her last stage of life that she managed to corrupt to her will. Then, the Ironriders began war with Hypatia. The soon-to-be Red Queen aided them, but the Hypatians had sorcerers as well, disciples of Anklemere. They trapped her and burned her house with her inside. She managed to survive however, thanks her mysterious powers unknown at the others at that time.

Ruler of Ghioz Edit

She relocated in Ghioz and after some time, she rose high in the Ghioz Empire hierarchy, finally becoming Queen. She pushed expansion for the Ghioz Empire, and under her rule the Empire prospered and strengthened.

She took no part in the Dragon-riders Wars, even if the province of Dairuss accepted hundreds of refugees, she was actually correctly believed to be secretly in connection with the Dragon-riders.

Once the Dragon Empire emerged from the darkness to declare itself to the world, the Red Queen realized how her power was challenged by a rival and formidable power.

At first she employed friendly political moves toward the Dragon Empire, but also recruited dragon mercenaries as DharSii and exiles from the Empire to recover the Sun-shard.

Secrets revealed Edit

In Dragon Strike it's revealed The Red Queen isn't really immortal. She was never killed even in situations where she wouldn't have the slights chance of survival, especially if she showed no sing of injury because The Red Queen was never truly in those situations in the first place. The Queen had copies (clones) of herself she created with her magic to serve as decoys of herself. The Red Queen taught her clones to mimic her behavior genuinely and all of her personal information and secrets so that she could further erase suspicion of her "Immortality".

The Red Queen used her clones to secretly help her with her duties along with serving as targets for homicide attempts from her rivals which were intended for the Real Red Queen. This way it would give her enemies the impression that she was immortal after they discover that she still lives and is active in leading Ghioz.