The Copper often known as RuGaard was a Wyrr/Skotl copper dragon and one of the The Siblings: he survived the clutch-fighting as a crippled outcast. He played an important part during the Age of Fire, shaping the destiny of the world. During his life, he was known with many names and titles. When living in the Drakwatch, he was called "Batty" due his closeness with bats. Griffarans called him "egg saver".While living in the Dragon Tower he was known as "Brighteye". His full royal name and list of titles as Tyr was: Tyr of the Lavadome RuGaard, Imperator of the Dragonfumes of the Lower World, Courses Wet and Dry, Sunned and Cavenighted, the Three Lines, Seven Hills, Grand Guardian of Egg and Hatchling, Scale and Song, Fiery Heritage and Winged Future, later other titles were added including: Lord of Worlds, First Protector of the Grand Alliance, slayer of the Dragonblade.

The Copper
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Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: Copper
Current: indipendent
Past: Dragon Empire,Dragon Tower
Current: none
Past: Tyr, Keeper of the Grand Alliance, Aerial Commander, Upholder
Father: AuRel
Mother: Irelia
Brother/s: AuRon, the Red
Sister/s: Wistala, Jizara
Grandfather/s: AuRye (fatherly), EmLar (motherly), Tyr FeHazathant (adoptive)
Grandmother/s: Epata (fatherly), Wistala (motherly)
Cousin: NiVom
Distant Relative: NooMoahk (possible ancestor)
Mate/s: Halaflora, Nilrasha
Children: at least one clutch (rumored)
Friends: NeStirrath, Thernadad
Battles: Battle of the Black River, Invasion of Anaea, Second Battle of Lavadome, Battle of Ghihar, Second Battle of Swayport, Battle of the Isle of Ice
Death: Believed dead, killed by trolls or tunnel crash. Rumored alive at the beginning of the Age of Foundations.

Personality & Traits Edit

The Copper was known for being quiet and reserved. This was in stark contrast to the rest of the Lavadome's inhabitants, who were often loud and arrogant. He clung to the one lesson that his mother gave him: "To Overcome", that was inspiration for most of his actions as a young dragon. As Tyr, he was a crafty leader and a good speaker, consulting his fellow dragons and stoking the fires of their rage in preparation for their return to the upper world. As his rule went on, he became increasingly weary of his responsibilities, and desired only to retire and spend time with Nilrasha. After his exile, he became listless and depressed, caring little for his appearance and only becoming animated when he heard news of Nilrasha. His attitude toward the hominds was more complex, in comparison toward Wistala or Auron: his own suffering made the Copper a gentle being who never harassed or killed personally a hominid thrall (as many did, in the Lavadome), however he was aware of the dangers of the smaller races and both before and after his rise to power as Tyr, he accepted and enforced the thrallhood.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

The Copper hatched first, but was attacked by a stronger red hatchling. They exchanged blows, and the battle continued until Auron, the third to hatch, took advantage of the fight and killed the red. The Copper, weaker from the injury to his forelimb by the red hatchling, was beaten (but not killed) by Auron. He became an Outcast.

His youth was hard and sad, despite some attempts from both AuRel and Irelia to suggest him that the Copper could overcome his fate, he found the best support from his kind sister Jizara.

While exploring deeper caves, he was captured by the Wheel of Fire dwarves led by Gobold: there he made an agreement, helping the dwarves (who worked alongside Hazeleye and Dragonblade) to attack the clutch. Due his young age, he could not imagine the true intents of the dwarves and Irelia was wounded and then murdered by Gobold, while Dragonblade slayed Jizara. He was wounded, insulted, mocked and abandoned by his tormentors to his misery.

Wistala later came back to look for her mother and sister, but found the Copper and discovering his actions attacked him, inflicting him a new wound (on the eye). In his despair, he throws himself into a river, going deeper into the Lower World. The Copper was saved by bats, led by Thernadad, that enjoy gorging themselves on his blood. He learned from them and convinced them to lead him to the Lavadome, where he hoped to finally saw other live dragons who could accept him.

During the voyage, at some point he found and tasted a griffaran egg who had been stolen by the demen. While trying to conquer a second egg by other demen, he was wounded at the chest losing his ability to ignite the oily material in his fire bladder. However a group of Griffarans from the Dragon Empire found him and believed he was trying to save the egg. They brought him to the Lavadome, asking for a reward to be given to the drake. He was adopted into the royalty of the Lavadome, and given the name Rugaard. He became a member of the Drakwatch, training into a group including, NiVom, KrThonius and AuBalagrave under the teaching of NeStirrath.

The Lavadome Edit

The Copper's transition into Lavadome life was not an easy one. Given the name "Batty" by his peers for the bats he kept as pets, he was ostracized and again made to feel like an outcast. But after winning a brawl with NiVom and his other Drakwatch training-mates, he slowly advanced among his peers. He remained in the Drakwatch, eventually gaining duties as senior member of the group and teaching other younger drakes working as an assistant for NeStirrath.

Later, he, Nivom, and a group of other dragons, fought a battle against the forces of Ghioz during the War in Bant. During the Battle of the Black River, when the battle went poorly, the Copper rallied the troops and met Nilrasha, a young Firemaiden who survived after having been trapped into the enemy citadel. Nivom eventually discovered a way to knock down the walls, and the dragons were able to force a peace agreement with the Ghioz.

After the battle, The Copper was sent to assist the Upholders of Anaea, the ones in charge of kern production, to eventually replace the old FeLissarath who had no heirs. He and Nilrasha planned to be mated in this idyllic location. These plans fall through when a newly-winged NiVom appeared, fleeing for his life, to avoid a duel that could have brought only his death, after a political plot schemed by Tighlia. As soon as NiVom departed, The Copper cut the skin on his back and made his wings came out, becoming a full-fledged dragon, though one was unfortunately damaged after a childhood's wound.

He returned to the Lavadome, where he told the Tyr of the plots against his life, but he was too late, because the Tyr was found dead the next morning. Tighlia, the Tyr's mate, betrothed The Copper against his will to Halaflora, one of the Tyr's granddaughters. This forced a split between The Copper and Nilrasha. SiDrakkon, Tighlia's brother, became Tyr, and mated Imfamnia, one of Halaflora's sister.

The Copper returned to Anaea with his new mate and Nilrasha, now a full-fledged Firemaid. The peace did not last many years, because occurred the Invasion of Anaea. He managed to reach the Lavadome and got some reinforcement by SiDrakkon, but by the time he reached again the Upholder's palace, came the news of SiDrakkon's death. Tragedy occurred that same night, when Halaflora was found dead in presence of the same Nilrasha and in unclear circumstances: what happened that night would be hidden by mystery and secrets for long years.

SiMevolant now ruled as Tyr. Imfamnia became mate of SiMevolant, and the golden dragon named the Dragonblade to his court and employed the Dragon-riders as his personal army while actually he was just a puppet under their control, despite claiming an alliance with the Andam group.

The Copper quickly became embroiled in a conspiracy to rid The Lavadome of the Andam. He used his bats to subtly drain the enemy dragons of their blood, dulling their fighting abilities. He then challenged SiMevolant for the right of the throne as a way to buy time for conspirators to defeat the enemy dragons. He dueled the Dragonblade, losing at first, but winning in burning him alive. SiMevolant, angry, attacked The Copper, but was quickly killed by The Copper and Nilrasha.

At the end of bloody Second Battle of Lavadome, he rose as Tyr RuGaard, and mate of Nilrasha, or Queen Ora.

Tyr Edit

Exile and Return Edit

Later Life Edit

The Copper and Nilrasha were never seen again by AuRon or Wistala, and it was thought that they had perished in the destruction of the Lavadome. However, their bodies were not found, and stories later surfaced that blighters in Bant had aided a crippled pair of mated dragons flee the Lavadome, allowing them to settle beside the sea and raise a clutch.

Injuries Edit

The Copper gained a number of injuries while still a hatchling;

  • His left forelimb was crippled during battle with his red brother for control of the egg shelf.
  • His tail was broken during torture by dwarves seeking vengeance against him and his family.
  • The left still-dormant wing was crippled by the Dragonblade following the attack against his family.
  • The right eye was damaged by Wistala, who attacked him after discovering the dead bodies of her mother and sister.
  • His fire bladder was punctured by demen during his journey to the Lavadome, severely weakening his ability to spit fire.

In addition to these, the Copper lost a toe of the left saa shortly after arriving in the Drakwatch caves - a result of the inhabitants attacking him after mistaking him for an intruder - and also gained a shield-sized scar when duelling the Dragonblade in his adulthood. However, over time, some of these injuries were dealt with; Rayg managed to construct a brace for his wing that allowed him to fly, and Nilrasha was able to improve the mobility of his crippled forelimb with constant massaging; although following their separation due to exile his limb reverted to its useless state.

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