Songs are known to play an important part in the life and education of dragons. Parents often use songs to give important lessons, and often songs carry memories of ancient events. Dragons, when they're courting a mate, sing their "Mating song": containing events and feats of the dragon during his/her life.

It should be noted that the names listed here are conjectural, as none of the songs are ever properly identified by name.

AuRel's Mating Song Edit

According Irelia and Jizara's memories, it wasn't probably a pleasant song (rumored to have "caused an avalanche").

AuRel's Death Song Edit

Final words sung by AuRel, while facing death in front of Dragonblade.

Foe and friend ’tween cave and sky

All hear me now before I die

Fire and blood this night will see

When filial vengeance I take of thee!

AuRon's Mating Song Edit

Natasatch sang no song back to AuRon as a result of her abduction.

Lyrics Edit

AuRon's Song

Jizara's Song Edit

Originally a song from the times of Silverhigh, Only a small portion of it is heard by the Copper.

Lyrics Edit

Paint my wings, as a stranger in paradise,

Take me not from the city's light,

Through white towers I long to soar...

Hills Song Edit

A song of Lavadome, sung by Takea to Wistala, regarding the different Hills of Lavadome

Lyrics Edit

Gryathus hill of Wyrr and wall

By river ring and deman hall

The next around, as river winds

The grazing fields of NuGrakat’s lines

Irelia's Dragon-dame Song Edit

Originally sung by Irelia to her two daughters Wistala and Jizara,

Lyrics Edit

Irelia's Dragon-dame Song

Irelia's Mating Song Edit

Briefly mentioned by Irelia when discussing the newly-hatched Auron with AuRel; when he complains about his colour, she remarks that she made no secret of a gray grandsire; EmLar, in her mating song.

Istach's stripes Song Edit

AuRon's male hatchling used to play some rhymes, mocking their sister Istach because she was born with stripes.

Lyrics Edit

She born with stripes looks to a bitter fate,

As many suitors as stripes, but never to mate.

Istach's blighter Song Edit

Istach learned a song from the blighters on the Isle of Ice and she sung it in front of Tyr RuGaard (who was fascinated by her appearance) and asked for a song.


“Fee-yo, fee-yah, mumabak, mumakhan—

Uf, duf, tref, dza! Brekogal hu soupapan.”

NeStirrath's Song Edit

Life-song of NeStirrath, later song to the Copper, to be recorded in the works of Rethothanna.

Lyrics Edit

NeStirrath's Song

The Seven Slayers Edit

An apparently traditional song sung by mother dragons to their hatchlings; evidenced by it being sung by both Irelia and Natasatch.

Lyrics Edit

Listen my hatchling, for now you shall hear
Of the only seven slayers a dragon must fear.
First beware Pride, lest belief in one's might
Has you discount the foeman who is braving your sight.
Never Envy other dragons their wealth, power, or home
For dark plots and plans will bring death to your own.
Your Wrath shouldn't win, when spears strike your scale
Anger kills cunning, which you will need to prevail.
A dragon must rest, but Sloth you should dread
Else long years of napping let assassins to your bed.
'Greed is good,' or so foolish dragons will say
Until piles of treasure bring killing thieves where they lay.
Hungry is your body, and at times you must feed
But Gluttony makes fat dragons who can't fly at their need.
A got Lust for glory, gems, gold, or mates
Leads reckless young drakes to the blackest of fates.
So take heed of this wisdom, precious hatchling of mine,
And the long years of dragonhood are sure to be thine.

Stog's Song Edit

A short song by Wistala, sung after request by the mule Stog.

Lyrics Edit

While a horse will carry any fool

If the going’s hard you’ll want a mule!

Twice the load on half the feed,

A mule is tougher than any steed!

But treat him well when put to task

Or he’ll knock you on your—

Hazeleye's Sea Song Edit

Hazeleye sung this sea song in presence of NooMoahk, gaining the interest of the dragon and probably saving her own life.

Lyrics Edit

(only the first verses are known)

Agone, away, abreast the endless sea

To circle in my journeys,

And then come home to thee.