SiMevolant was a Wyrr golden dragon living shortly before the Age of Fire. He was part of the Imperial family and rose as Tyr of the Dragon Empire, after SiDrakkon's death.

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Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: Golden (with dark stripes painted, in picture)
Current: Andam
Past: Dragon Empire
Current: Tyr
Father: AgGriffopse
Mother: Ibidio
Brother/s: one killed in clutch-fighting
Sister/s: Halaflora, Imfamnia, Ayafeeia
Grandfather/s: Tyr FeHazathant (fatherly)
Cousin: RuGaard (adoptive)
Mate/s: Imfamnia
Children: alleged possible partial fatherhood on Imfamnia's clutch)
Friends: none
Battles: Second Battle of Lavadome
Death: Killed by RuGaard and Nilrasha during the Second Battle of Lavadome

Personality Edit

SiMevolant lived a luxurious life as a member of the Imperial family. He did not need to do anything as he grew up, and instead became dependent on his privileges. He wass incredibly selfish, demonstrated by his lack of concern for his subjects during his term as Tyr and allowance of a shift in power from him to the humans of Andam just to retain his privileges. As a royal, SiMevolant did not need to fight, and thus gained no skill in combat. As a result, he came to avoid direct confrontation out of self-preservation and sent proxies in his stead should he be challenged.

SiMevolant was confident, however, that his rank kept him from harm as long as he was not caught. It is implied that he assassinated SiDrakkon, the Tyr before him, and committed incestuous acts with his sister, Infamnia. This implied that SiMevolant is concerned only with his own pleasures before anything else, as well as his own gain.

Life Edit

SiMevolant was son of AgGriffopse and Ibidio with sisters included Halaflora, Imfamnia, and Ayafeeia (the latter two born from a second clutch) and they were all grandchildren of Tyr FeHazathant. After the arrival of the Copper to the Dragon Empire, he was at first seen as an annoying but harmless spoiled noble of the Imperial Family, inclined to jokes and gossip. After the death of Tyr SiDrakkon, he suddenly rose in prominence and inherited the title of Tyr himself. It has been hinted by the Copper that SiMevolant planned, and possibly personally arranged, the killing of SiDrakkon.

He took his own sister, Imfamnia, as his mate and Queen. As Tyr, he painted black stripes on his scales and added a bard to the end of his tail to resemble a bee. His reign proved to be a disastrous failure as he and Imfamnia allowed the men of Andam to take power in the Lavadome during the Night of the Desperate Deaths. SiMevolant's possible reason for this coup was likely to save his life and maintain a luxurious lifestyle as a member of the Imperial family.

Later he was forced into a duel by the Copper and named the Dragonblade as his champion. This was a scheme from the Immortal Memory group to lead their forces and gain time to weaken the enemy dragons with the mutated bats. SiMevolant reacted to his champion's defeat by attempting to kill the Copper himself with his barbed tail. He failed, and was slain by Nilrasha and the Copper.

Legacy Edit

SiMevolant was the prime example of corruption in the Lavadome, and may serve even as a symbol for its metaphorical death as it decayed. Ultimately, his selfishness and self-preservation led to his own destruction. He was irresponsible and cared only for the continuation of his lifestyle, and went so far as to kill dishonorably to do so. He was ultimately a coward, demonstrated by his refusal to fight himself and sending a proxy, and by his attempted assassination of the Copper.

On top of his cowardice, SiMevolant committed incest with his promiscuous sister, Infamnia, and may have sired her clutch.