SiDrakkon was a turnip-colored Skotl dragon living before and during the Age of Fire. He was Tighlia's brother, and became the second Tyr of the Dragon Empire. SiDrakkon mated Imfamnia after a previous first mate, and listed SiMevolant as an heir, after the murdering of his only son SiBayereth.

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Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: turnip-colored
Current: Dragon Empire
Past: Dragon Empire
Current: Tyr
Past: military commander
Sister: Tighlia
Mate/s: first mate, Imfamnia
Children: SiBayereth
Friends: none
Battles: Second Urlant War , War in Bant,
Death: Killed shortly before the Age of Fire. Likely asassinated by SiMevolant's orders.

Life Edit

SiDrakkon was a dragon of Imperial Line, being brother of Tighlia, and was a famous fighter and military chief of the Dragon Empire. He was directly involved in the Second Urlant War where he secured the Urlant Uphold and a peace against the Yikyans, but could not prevent the defections of the other dragons. He was known for being courageous and ferocious in battle, he was especially feared by young dragons because as leader of the Aerial Host, he was a very stern military instructor, demanding heavy training. Despite his strength, he was also disinclined to negotiate and make peace with others (the peace agreement of the Urlant War was actually obtained by the actions of the younger dragons).

Years later, he directed the intervention and expedition during the War in Bant: once again, despite providing some personal courage and strength, he was arrogant and self-confidant, both in dealing with enemies and with his subjects. The War (despite being a victory) was marked with negative effects for SiDrakkon, because the Tyr recognized the success of NiVom adopting him into the Imperial family.

A great shortcoming of SiDrakkon was also his notorious and semi-secret passion for the human women: he was known to keep dozens of fascinating human thralls, attending his care on baths. This perverted passion often brought him to devour the females after some time of service, and his greed to gain new females brought him in clash with RuGaard.

After the death of the Tyr FeHazathant, he took the title. He took as mate (his second one), Imfamnia despite their age difference (they had to delay the mating flight until she got the wings).

His leadership as Tyr was poor and mostly focused on assigning places of importance to other Skotls dragons and assigning to his personal use parts of the Imperial Rock. While SiDrakkon attended to his own pleasures, the Empire faced growing troubles especially with an increased amount of duels between Skotls and Wyrr that created fears of a resurgence of the old Civil War.

However despite his growing corruption and decay, he demonstrated a fiery behavior when RuGaard informed him of the Invasion of Anaea and appointed him as Host Commander.

His murdering it's mysterious: probably the work of Imfamnia and SiMevolant. Tighlia expressed poor satisfaction to the leadership of her brother, as if she regretted having brought him to the power, however when the Copper returned to alert about the Invasion of Anaea, he found that Tighlia had a verbal clash with Imfamnia and retreated among the Anklenes, at the time of the Copper's visit, it appeared that the connection between Imfamnia and SiMevolant was stronger than ever, and the power of SiDrakkon was extremely weakened and unable to keep united the dragons who were almost going to fall in another civil war.

It was revealed to the Copper by NoSohoth that SiDrakkon had named SiMevolant as his heir, such decision was later rumored to have been made in hope to discourage his own assassination because none would have ever enjoyed SiMevolant as Tyr: this strategy, despite wise to discourage potential enemies, left free space to the only one who would have enjoyed SiMevolant as Tyr: the golden dragon himself.

Moreover SiMevolant was openly verbally attacked by Tighlia in front of a crowd.

Legacy Edit

SiDrakkon did not left a good memory after him. The best of his qualities his courage and ferocity in battle, not matched with the leadership skills that were expected for someone at his place (he was particularly arrogant and excessively self-confident during the War in Bant).

His perverted desire for human women was by some labeled as a little personal affair, while for others was just one of the many signs of decay already rooted in the Lavadome.

However he had a son, SiBayereth, after a first mate, before taking Imfamnia as Queen and mate, but he was murdered. Imfamnia herself, after having been exiled, was rumored to have sired her clutch with mixed parentage from multiple potential fathers, including SiDrakkon.

His time as Tyr of the Dragon Empire was short and not illuminated by merits, even if his leadership was not disastrous like the one of his successor.