Scabia, also known as Scabia the White, was an albino white dragonelle with pink eyes (a rare occurrence, because dragonelles are usually green) of great age and size. She was Archelle (ruler) of the Sadda-Vale before, during and after the Age of Fire.

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Race: Dragon
Gender: Female
Appearences: White, (albino)
Current: Sadda-Vale
Past: Silverhigh
Current: Archelle
Daughter: Aethleethia
Grandchildren: Adopted clutch: CuDasthene, 2 other males, 2 females (clutch laid by Wistala and adopted by Aethleethia)

Biological: at least 3 clutches.

Battles: Raid in Vesshall
Death: Alive, at the beginning of the Age of the Foundations

Early LifeEdit

It is known that she was a dragonelle of some influence in the glory of the days of Silverhigh before Silverhigh fell. Following this, she sequestered herself with other survivors in Sadda-Vale to escape a world now dominated by hominids.

Events during the Age of FireEdit

Scabia continued to wile away her life in the Sadda-Vale for years after the fall of Silverhigh. She became quite jaded during this time, content to simply sit and watch the world pass her by, keening always for her heyday. She kept for some time good distant relationship with the dragons of Lavadome, exchanging young ones to allow mating with unrelated dragons. However her rule saw dark hours: the high numbers of trolls close her land caused many losses, until eventually the only dragons left in Sadda-Vale were the same Scabia, her daughter and her daughter's mate , and eventually DharSii, who was fleeing his own problems, having been the last Sadda-Vale dragon traded to Lavadome (in exchange of NaStirrath).

Eventually, Wistala comes across the Sadda-Vale in her travels. After a universally awkward visit, Scabia tries to mate Wistala off to NaStirrath, an opportunity which Wistala declines before departing.

After this, she plays host to the siblings following their banishment from the Empire. She forms a bond with the Copper, flocking to his title and courtly way of speaking.

She accomplish her long craved desire to make Wistala having a clutch for the Sadda-Vale (even she wrongly believed that was sired by NaStirrath), to be raised by her daughter.

When the siblings depart the Sadda-Vale for various reasons, Scabia remains behind as always. She is finally dragged into the war, however, by the Empire's attempt to assassinate her with Griffaran. When this fails, she calls upon NaStirrath to train the blighters of the Sadda-Vale for war.

Imfamnia had plans to send to destroy Sadda-Vale, but the end of the war made no reality of such threat. After the war, an old Scabia saw finally her deep desires achieved: Aethleethia laid her own clutches and dragons that could not adapt to living with hominids after the past wars, joined her realm.

Traits and PersonalityEdit

Scabia is a haughty, arrogant dragonelle who places much importance on behavior and status. She is humorless, which often puts her at odds with NaStirrath. She is not an unkind dragonelle, never refusing to give hospitality to those that need it, but she is not overeager to assist with manners that don't affect her or the Sadda-Vale.

After her assassination attempt, Scabia exposed her feelings and lectured NaStirrath on taking responsibilities, eventually achieving in making her daughter's mate a better dragon.