The Sadda-Vale is the area surrounding the fallen tower of Silverhigh and its name is also used by the community of dragons living there. It's a beautiful enclosed vale surrounded by mountains. The heart of Sadda-Vale is Vesshall: a magnificent residence for the dragons inhabiting it.

History Edit

Sadda-Vale became a refuge for the survivors of the Fall of Silverhigh. It had little concern with the wars of the hominids and the sorcerer Anklamere.

However it kept sporadic contacts with the southern Dragon Empire, trading dragons to be mated to maintain the bloodlines of dragons fresh.

By the time of the Age of Fire, the Sadda-Vale dragon population had come close to extinction, mostly for the dangerous trolls living nearby to their territory. The only survived dragons were the ruler of Sadda-Vale, the "Archelle" Scabia, an ancient matron with a distinctive white coloration (rather than green), her own daughter Aethleethia and the golden dragon NaStirath (who was born in Lavadome). DharSii (who bore a different name at the time) was the nephew of Scabia, and was traded to Lavadome in exchange of NaStirath, but he was forced to returns after the allegation of murdering of the Tyr's heir.

Scabia welcomed The Siblings after they were exiled by Tyr NiVom: as payment to this welcome, Wistala was forced to accept an previous offering to be impregnated by NaStirath and act as surrogate mother until laying a clutch for Aethleethia to be raised as her own (Aethleethia was believed sterile). The deal was accomplished with the birth of five hatchlings (even if they were secretly sired by DharSii).

Later, the Dragon Empire attempted to assassinate Scabia and the Sadda-Vale prepared to war while The Siblings and DharSii went east to fight their enemies.

Ultimately, Sadda-Vale didn't see the feared attack, and during the Age of the Salvage, dragons who didn't like to merge with hominids after the past wars, inhabited Sadda-Vale, accomplishing the old desire of the Scabia to see her land inhabited by many dragons once again.