Rethothanna was an Anklene dragonelle historian living in Lavadome before and during the Age of Fire.

Life Edit

She was responsible for composing the history of the Lavadome into a song. She took her duties seriously and was impatient for an Anklene. In addition to composing the historical song, she also assisted the Copper in preparing for his first Lavadome banquet. She was interested in NeStirrath as a mate and as a source of history, however she could not achieve the interest of the old fighter who never stopped mourning his lost mate.

She helped the Copper composing the text of his own mating song, for the mating with Halaflora.

Rethothanna was part of the Immortal Memory group and took part at the Second Battle of Lavadome, surviving.

During Tyr RuGaard rule, she was known to have completed the first (and only, for the Age of Fire) history of the Lavadome: it's known for being very long and complicated, and could not be listened during a single sitting.

She was present during the aftermath of the Third Battle of Lavadome.