Regalia was a Skotl dragonelle who achieved the status Queen of the Lavadome during the Age of Fire.

Sihazathant and regalia by spottedleaf752-da6mff8 - Copia (2)
Race: Dragon
Gender: Female
Appearences: Green
Current: Dragon Empire
Past: Dragon Empire
Current: Queen of the Dragon Empire
Past: -
Sister/s: SiHazathant
Mate/s: SiHazathant
Distant Relative: FeHazathant, Tighlia
Battles: Third Battle of Lavadome
Death: Unclear

Life Edit

She and her brother SiHazathant were distantly related to FeHazathant and Tighlia , and were considered by some of the more superstitious dragons to be the old Tyr and Queen reborn (they were related to SiDrakkon through a cousin). Brother and sister were Twins: a rare event among dragons, because they were born from a single large egg. Once hatched, SiHazathant was losing his hatchling fight, but Regalia joined him and helped him to triumph (a very rare occurrence for a female to engage in the hatchling fight).

The two are very close, leading to her joining the Drakwatch to prevent their separation: Regalia proved herself more than capable. The Twins were political opponents of RuGaard and with the support of the exiled NiVom and Imfamnia, the managed to overthrow his rule and reign as Tyr and Queen. Over the course of the Copper's exile, this alliance fractured and failed, and SiHazathant was killed in a plot to give NiVom and Imfamnia absolute power.

After her brother's death, Regalia was clearly unable to hold the power or find a new mate: NiVom and Imfamnia took position of Tyr and Queen.

Uncertain fate and Legacy Edit

Her fate it's not exactly known: she's mentioned by Imfamnia as having no more need to take residence in the rooms visited by the Copper when he was led in chain into the Imperial Rock.

This could means that the dragonelle has been recently killed, alongside most of the dragons left in the Lavadome, or she was incarcerated.

The peculiarities of her birth and the close relationship with her brother, made Regalia an unique figure of her time. Despite being an opponent of RuGaard she was also notably the only Queen to have directly come to power without a previous bloodshed.

The Twins explicitly asked RuGaard to step down from power, directly confronting him rather than attempting an assassination or a coup.

Because of this decision, the Twins gained some respect from RuGaard, even if he still considered them enemies of him.