Rayg Sablecloak, born Raygnar and often shortened Rayg, was an human with elven ancestry (an eighth, thanks to his mother) living during the Age of Fire. He was the son of Hammar , a thane of Hypatia, and Lada, a girl who was granddaughter of the elf Rainfall. His life and the one of his family were strictly connected with Dragons and The Siblings, and he played an important part during the Age of Fire.

Young LifeEdit

Rayg's childhood was tumultuous to say the least. Caught up between the forces warring over Mossbell , he was eventually captured by the dwarves of the Wheel of Fire , where he was taught dwarfworking. He was later captured again along with some of his dwarf kith by dragons, and made to work as a thrall.  Wistala had attempted to search for him, without success, because she felt this last responsibility toward Rainfall (Rayg was the great-grandchild of the elf).

Life in the LavadomeEdit

Rayg's life took a sharp turn as a thrall. Being much more educated than his fellows, he was quickly put in a position of some intellectual power by the Copper , who was in the process of taking over as Upholder of Anaea . The Copper needed a bridge built, and Rayg was put forth as the smartest of the available thralls. This began what would be a long partnership between the two. In addition to working on the bridge, Rayg also forged a synthetic wing joint for the Copper, whose wing had been damaged as a hatchling. 

Following the Copper's rise to the Tyrdom, Rayg became an advisor and resident scientist. Constantly experimenting with the properties of dragonblood, Rayg was shown to be quite youthful for his rapidly-increasing age. Despite his supposed loyalty to the Copper, he offered no assistance when NiVom and Nilrasha forced the Copper out of the Lavadome.

Rayg's role changed then to something of a true enemy, breeding hideous versions of bats and working with the Red Queen to remove free-willed dragons from the face of the world.

At this point, Rayg was well into his senior years, but still moved exceptional strenght and speed thanks to the copious amounts of dragonblood in his veins. This proved of little consequence to Imfamnia, however, during their final confrontation in the Battle of Lavadome, in the last stage of the Second Dragon Civil War, who inadvertently killed Rayg and herself by attempting to fly him away from danger with a broken wing.

Knowledge, mystery and Legacy Edit

Rayg was believed to be one of the most skilled and gifted individual of the whole Age of Fire. His discoveries and knowledge brought him the name of "wizard" even if most of his works were fruit of his scientific work.

These skills were probably the fruit of the elven inheritance of his relative Rainfall, the training and the skills acquired from the dwarfs and finally a large quantity of own personal qualities.

He left behind him a terrible legacy because he was revealed to be one of the masterminds of the Second Dragon Civil War, working with Infamnia/the Red Queen, and bringing death and suffering to the world.

His aims however were even more radical compared to the one of his "ally": Rayg even expressed his desire to be the creator of a new artificial species that mixed together the blood and the qualities of men and dragons.

The Copper was left without answers, about the changes in the Rayg's mind (even if until the end, Rayg expressed some kind of "gratitude" toward him: at the point of proposing a life of slavery instead death).

A key element of these changes could have been the studies he conducted on the Lavadome crystal and its mysteries, related with the ancient wizard Anklamere. Rayg at some point even admitted that he stayed too much in contact with the small crystal of the Red Queen, and that fragment already made great effects on his mind.

It's however true that for many years Rayg asked freedom from the Copper, and the dragon delayed such decision because the human was useful for him.

Rayg married Rhea and had children from her, but he distanced from his family during the Age of Fire.