NooMoahk was an ancient black dragon who lived in the ruins of Old Uldam city. He tutuored AuRon in the ways of dragons and hominids for several years. His lifespan was believe to stretch back from the ancient Age of Wheels to the beginning of the Age of Fire. He grew the impressive number of at least twenty horns. He was remembered into the Dragon Empire as "NooMoahk, Black Glory of Legend and Eternal Guardian of the Sun-Shard".

NooMoahk by magekl
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Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: Black
Current: indipendent
Past: Kingdom of Dairuss
Current: Lord of Old Uldam blighters
Past: unknown
Grandson: EmFell
Descendants: EmLar, Irelia, The Siblings, NiVom(all hypothesized)
Friends: King Tindairuss
Battles: War of the Sorcerer
Death: Shortly before the Age of Fire. Died by crashing while chasing Auron

Life and DeathEdit

NooMoahk told AuRon that he was born when the blighter kingdoms of Uldam and Gomrotha were powerful: this happened during the Age of the Wheels, making him a very aged dragon even by dragon standards.

He witnessed and possibly took part in the downfall of Uldam, the rise and the downfall of Silverhigh and he's known to have befriended King Tindairuss and have played a key part in putting an end of the Age of the Sorcerer, fighting against Anklamere.

NooMoahk, though wise, was quickly becoming senile in his old age and prone to fits of amnesia. In his last "difficulty" as AuRon styled his fits, he forgot who AuRon was and tried to chase away what he thought was a young dragon after his horde. AuRon outmaneuvered him into crashing into the grave of his old friend Tindairuss, impaling himself on the roof. Thus passed NooMoahk, a dragon that had shaped the destiny of the world.

Legacy Edit

NooMoahk, before his death, has been believed a legendary figure by most, a real but but long dead dragon by others and a connoisseur and scholar of ancient knowledge by everyone.

Lavadome dragons keep high praise of the memory of NooMoahk, believed to have put an end to Anklamere, even if it was actually Tindairuss's sword to achieve the feat.

NooMoahk is likely to have a line of dragons survived in the world: he knew about one of his grandchildren who was named EmFell: The Siblings possibly share a parentage with him, because their maternal grandsire was named EmLar (by name inheritance, he should be related with EmFell).

AuRon named one of his sons, AuMoahk, after his old teacher.