NoSohoth was a silver dragon living before, during and after the Age of Fire. He was the royal retainer of the Lavadome, serving as a chief-advisor to the Tyr in all manner of things, he has worked for every ruler of the Lavadome. He painted the tips of his griff, crest and tail-line of black.


When the Copper first arrived in the Lavadome in Dragon Outcast, NoSohoth was acting both as advisor to the Tyr and history teacher to the Drakwatch and Firemaidens. He helped install the Copper in his first home cave and arranged for his entry into the Drakwatch. From there, he assisted NeStirrath in teaching the Drakwatch members, giving what are described as long, boring lectures about history and philosophy. 

NoSohoth maintained a neutral stance in nearly all of the politics taking place in the Lavadome, even when FeHazathant and eventually SiDrakkon were murdered. He was careful not to offend anyone, rewarding good work publically and punishing bad actions only in private. Despite the constant shifting of politics in the Lavadome, NoSohoth was able to avoid taking sides and therefore hold onto his life for as long as possible.

NoSohoth finally took a stand against SiMevolant when the new Tyr allied himself with the Dragonblade. Unwilling or unable to risk his hide in direct battle, NoSohoth instead took on the role of stalling the duel between the Copper and the Dragonblade for as long as possible, allowing the bats to wreak their havoc on the hag-ridden dragons and the Copper's fellow revolutionaries to get into position. 

Following the death of the Dragonblade and SiMevolant, NoSohoth resumed his duties as royal advisor, this time to the new Tyr and Queen.

Following the victory, NoSohoth continued to advise Tyr RuGaard. Ever the peacemaker, NoSohoth attempted to quell the rising tempers of the dragons when the Copper declared his war on the Upper World, before the Copper told him to allow them to channel their anger. Following this, he offered his advice in war council meetings as well, assisting the dragons in their return to the sun.

Loyal to his long rule, NoSohoth did not took part in the following political struggles and kept afar from helping RuGaard when he was deposed by Imfamnia and the Twins. He stressed of being a servant of the Lavadome and who was in command, and could not more serve RuGaard.

With the expansion of the Empire in the Upper World, NoSohoth managed to claim for himself the Protectorate of Hypat: the core of the old Hypatian Order. It soon become clear how the old dragon rejoiced the rich traffics that such position could bring to him.

Despite this, when the Second Dragon Civil War erupted, he was the main leader located into Hypat to protect the city from the Demens. He made a stand into the Protectors palaces, alongside his dragon servants and the Hypatian forces, until the allies come.

NoSohoth survived the battle and moved south to fight the last battle of the conflict, seeking personal revenge against NiVom (thinking he betrayed his trust), even if the white dragon was already killed by the hand of Imfamnia.

NoSohoth was known to have been survived the final fight, and in the following years of peace he settled again in Hypat, to keep on his merchant's trades. He's also known to have entered commercial competition with an old dragon of the east that had a similar power.


NoSohoth for his entire life represented an element of stability and support for every Tyr. He outlived every ruler of the Empire, serving them all and without following them in fall or death. The dragon was known for being a large source of knowledge and information, however was later disclosed by RuGaard how NoSohoth acted in this role also to cut his own slice of power: behind the shadows of the throne's intrigues, NoSohoth amassed an huge wealth becoming the richest dragon of his Age. Also because of this reason he was eager to became the Protector of Hypat, to further satisfy his greed. However, despite these shortcoming, NoSohoth revealed of being a capable leader in making a stand during the Battle of Hypat, and later took the surprising decision to keep fighting in the following battle.