Nilrasha was a dragonelle living before and during (and rumored after) the Age of Fire. She was notable for having left behind the position of Firemaid to rise as Queen and mate of Tyr RuGaard. She was also nicknamed "Ora", and sometimes was referred as Queen Ora. RuGaard called her affectively "Rasha". She was also known as "Queen of the Worlds" for some time during the Age of Fire.

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Race: Dragon
Gender: Female
Appearences: Green
Current: indipendent
Past: Dragon Empire
Current: none
Past: Queen of the Dragon Empire, Firemaid, Firemaiden
Mate/s: RuGaard
Children: at least one clutch (rumored)
Battles: Battle of the Green Dancer, Battle of the Black River, Second Battle of Lavadome, First Battle of Hypat
Death: Believed dead, killed by tunnel crash. Rumored alive at the beginning of the Age of Foundations.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

She grew up in Dufu hill. Nilrasha was already famed when she was a young member of the Firemaiden, taking part at the traditional and competitive raids against the Drakwatch. She was a drakka when she took part in the War in Bant, as one the only Firemaiden survived after the Battle of Black River because after being trapped inside the human city, she made it out alive by sewage tunnels. Nilrasha was nicknamed "Ora" by the Blighters, to stress how she was a fortunate drakka. During the battle she fought side-by-side with Rugaard, saving his life during a bloody clash with Ghi warriors.

Upon learning that RuGaard was to be sent to Anaea to take the place of UpHolder FeLissarath and his mate, Nilrasha bribed NoSohoth to ensure that she would be the drakka to lead him there - although in reality she had never been and barely knew the route. She expended her whole victory's bequest that the Tyr allowed her after having taken part in the War in Bant, just to gain this opportunity to spent time with Rugaard.

During the resulting journey, Nilrasha talked with RuGaard about the possibility of becoming mates upon fledging.

Firemaid Edit

Following NiVom's flight from Anaea, Nilrasha accompanied RuGaard back to the Lavadome, where he attempted to alert FeHazathant to Tighlia's treachery. However, FeHazathant died - most likely murdered by Tighlia - before he could take action, and in the resulting turn of events Tighlia arranged a mating between RuGaard and FeHazathant's sickly granddaughter Halaflora, which he initially refused, only to be told by Nilrasha herself that she had only ever claimed to love him for his position in the Imperial Line, and was to take her third oath as a Firemaiden. Although the exact turn of events is not known, it was hinted that Tighlia approached Nilrasha and forced her to lie to RuGaard (considering how Nilrasha correctly stated how she had little material goods or power to loose by threats, the motivations of Nilrasha's words are easy to understand: Tighlia could have forced the young dragonelle by threating the life of the Copper himself).

Nilrasha subsequently returned to Anaea as a Firemaid , dedicated to defend the Uphold from attacking forces. As the years went by and Rayg created the artificial wing joint that allowed the Copper to fly, Nilrasha proposed that they could mate in secret as lovers, and expressed again her feelings toward him. The Copper refused on moral grounds, despite the temptation.

When the Dragon-riders attacked Anaea and killed the Upholders , Nilrasha and Halaflora hid in the tunnels below. Following the attack, Halaflora choked and died, with Nilrasha heavily implicated in the death, though she insisted it was a chicken bone Halaflora had choked on.

When SiMevolant struck his deal with the Andam and took over the Lavadome, Nilrasha was one of the dragons who assisted in the insurrection to remove him from power, and saved the Copper from being killed by SiMevolant in the duelling pits. Afterwards, she and the Copper were properly mated, and she became queen of the Lavadome.

Queen of the Lavadome Edit

After taking power in the Lavadome, Nilrasha settled into her duties as queen, though performed better in some aspects than others. She was dilligent in dealing with the thralls, rewarding them for hard work and handing out punishments carefully. She was, however notably less interested in some of her other duties, namely her control of the Firemaidens and other queenly aspects of her rule.

This quickly changed when a plague swept through the Lavadome, taking the life of a hatchling she had promised a place in the Firemaidens to. Following this, she began taking her duties as Queen much more seriously. Seen attending more court appearances and Firemaiden-related activities, it seemed as though Nilrasha had turned a new leaf in her rule.

Prisoner of the Lavadome Edit

Rumored Survival after the Age of FireEdit

Nilrasha and RuGaard were never seen again by AuRon or Wistala, and it was thought that they had perished in the destruction of the Lavadome. However, their bodies were not found, and stories later surfaced that blighters in Bant had aided a crippled pair of mated dragons flee the Lavadome, allowing them to settle beside the sea and raise a clutch.