NiVom was a Wyrr/Anklene albino white dragon with pink eyes living before and during the Age of Fire. During his troubled life, he rose from the position of exile to being Tyr of the Dragon Empire: he was effectively the very last Tyr of the Empire, also assuming the title of Sun King. His actions and political importance shaped a number of events of the Age of Fire. He had a distant blood relationship with the Siblings, sharing a grandsire (EmLar). He had a scar on the face, from the time of his training in the Drakwatch.

Tumblr mveeooFx4J1r75fszo1 1280 NIVOM
Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: White (albino)
Current: Dragon Empire
Past: Ghioz Empire
Current: Tyr, Sun-king
Past: Protector, Sissa commander
Father: FeHazathant (adoptive), CuLekin (possible biological father)
Grandfather/s: EmLar
Grandmother: Wistala (first)
Cousins: RuGaard, AuRon, Wistala
Mate/s: Imfamnia
Children: unknown
Friends: RuGaard(formerly)
ansestors: NooMoahk (possible ansestor), FeHazathant, Halaflora, AgGriffopse, SiMevolant (distant relatives)
Aunt: Irelia
Battles: Battle of the Green Dancer, Battle of the Black River, Third Battle for the sun-shard
Death: Killed at the end of the Age of Fire. Assassinated with poison by Imfamnia.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Nivom was born from a mixed union: his father was a Wyrr distantly related to Tyr FeHazathant, while his mother was an Anklene. However Nivom's father was killed by a Skotl's duelist and his mother took her own life in despair, leaving Nivom orphaned. Considering that EmLar was known of being his grandfather, this comforms that CuLekin (brother of Irelia) was his father.

Nivom met RuGaard when they were both under training in the Drakwatch. He left the group that included RuGaard when he was assigned as a messenger in the Deep Tunnel. He rose in prominence in the Drakwatch, at the point of being appointed as leader of the Drakwatch sissa taking part in the War in Bant, playing an important role when coming up with an idea to destroy the human fortress. After his success, he was adopted by the Imperial Line as the Tyr's son, becoming the heir to the throne. This decision was seen with horror by Tighlia (who aimed to put her brother SiDrakkon as next Tyr), and prompted her to make a scheme to cause NiVom's downfall.

Exile Edit

After Tighlia's suggestions, Imfamnia declared of having been attacked and wounded by NiVom: Tighlia proposed SiBayereth to fight in duel for the honor of Imfamnia against Nivom, and when NiVom accused Tighlia of having planned all this staging, she challenged him to duel (naming NoTannadon, an expert duelist, as her own champion). NiVom defended himself properly, but in the end was scared to face sure death against an expert duelist, and escaped from the Lavadome, searching temporary refuge to the Copper in Anaea before flying in exile.

Protector of Ghioz Edit

The Sun King Edit