NeStirrath was a Wyrr red dragon living shortly before the Age of Fire. Being a veteran of many battles (and left wingless after his military service during then Dragon Civil Wars) he was placed in service of trainer and teacher in the Drakwatch. He had twelve horns.


A veteran of many wars and old friend of Tyr FeHazethant, NeStirrath was an old fighter. He fought during the Dragon Civil Wars and got his wings crippled in aerial battle against AgMemdius, but was saved when FeHazathant intercepted his fall to make both of them splashing into a lake. At that point, NeStirrath had already lost his mate Esthea: this was a terrible blow for him, and he never told details about her death (occurred during the Civil Wars), except to the Copper who later told it to Rethothanna: his mate was killed, alongside their hatchling, by AgMemdius. NeStirrath had avenged them, even if at the cost of his wings. Tired of dragons griping with each other but still possessing a taste for battle, he volunteered to train young drakes in the manner of pride and combat in the Drakwatch . He was notable in this regard for training the Copper in his youth. He continued to train dragons for years afterwards, until SiMevolant's deal with the Dragon-riders. NeStirrath then abandoned his training duties in favor of marshaling the Drakwatch as part of a rebellious force with the Immortal Memory group during the Second Battle of Lavadome. NeStirrath perished in the ensuing battle, leading the Drakwatch in ground battle into a tunnel.

Legacy Edit

He was remembered by many as a noble and proud fighter, even if sometimes hard toward his Drakwatch's students. He grew attached to the Copper at the point of claiming of considering the younger dragon as a son.

He died proudly in battle and his memory kept living because he was remembered as a noble fighter until the end.

It appears that with the loss of his mate Esthea and his hatchling, he left no line after him.


Gruff but fair, NeStirrath was an effective trainer of the Drakwatch. He emphasized toughness and willingness to fight, never missing an opportunity to stir up trouble between his drakes and find ways to teach a lesson in the process. Physically, he was scarred and battered, caring little for his appearance beyond the barest of cleaning techniques for fancy occasions. He was also notable for being wingless, a souvenir of his deadly fight with AgMemdius. He was also known for being kindly toward his hominid thralls, differently from many other the dragons.


Mateless for years after the death of his mate in the civil wars of the Lavadome, he was prized by Rethothanna , and quite oblivious to the fact.

Quotes Edit

...let them know a set of dragon hearts beat behind your scale. Speaking to RuGaard.