Natasatch was a dragonelle that lived during the Age of Fire. Known for being AuRon 's mate, and mother of their children.

History Edit

First years Edit

Natasatch was a very young hatchling when she was kidnapped. She met AuRon the first time into the ship, while both were prisoners of Hazeleye. AuRon managed to escape and before doing it he managed to know the name of the young hatchling.

Eventually Natasatch reached the Isle of Ice and there were was subdued as other dragonelles for breeding purpose. It's never stated directly, but it's highly probable that during this time she gave birth clutches for the Dragon-riders. It's known however that sometimes she attempted to escape, asking a new breeding stock male for a mating flight rather than mating on ground.

Mate of AuRon Edit

Once AuRon reached the Isle of Ice and found a way to win his place among the breeding stock, he and Natasatch were reunited. AuRon slept close the dragonelle without taking advantages and feelings started to grow between the two. Later AuRon even betrayed his own thoughts, wondering about the beauties of a mating flight with Natasatch in the free sky: the two has grown so attached that Natasatch managed to listen his thoughts through mind-speaking despite walls of distance. She took part at the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice and fought side-by-side with AuRon: once they regained their freedom, the pair made their mating flight. Such reunion was close to turns in tragedy because the pair was ambushed by Starlight but AuRon managed to kill the desperate dragon.

Natasatch laid a clutch of five eggs: one of them sadly never hatched, from the other four were born AuSurath the red, AuMoahk the golden, and the dragonelles Istach and Varatheela. AuRon took the decision to separate from the birth the two males, to prevent the killing of the weaker.

Protector of Dairuss Edit

With the discovery of the Dragon Empire, Natasatch was quickly fascinated from the civilized society of the dragons. She was eager to leave the Isle of Ice for warmer land, even if AuRon wasn't happy with this decision. When they settled as Protectors of Dairuss, Natasatch started being in friendly terms with Imfamnia, but never abandoned the love and the loyalty to her mate. When AuRon was exiled together his Siblings, Natasatch was left in Dairuss, and sometimes AuRon secretly visited her. Later she was present at the Massacre at the Grand Feast, she hid AuRon in her house when Imfamnia visited her after the massacre. Once the Second Dragon Civil War erupted into its peak of violence, she was still located in Daiurss and was separated from both her mate and children. She was exploited as a bait by Infamnia to capture her mate AuRon and both were brought in chain to the Lavadome.

She witnessed the last events of the conflict, surviving with her mate.

Later Life Edit

After the Age of Fire ended, she's known to have settled in Old Uldam with AuRon and their "survived children" (it's possible that AuMoahk was killed in Lavadome). There she could finally embrace a time a peace together her beloved AuRon and the children they've had.