NaStirrath was a golden dragon living before, during and after the Age of Fire. He was one of the few dragons inhabiting the Sadda-Vale during the Age of Fire, even if he was born in Lavadome.

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Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: Golden
Current: Sadda-Vale
Past: Dragon Empire
Current: none
Past: none
Mate: Aethleethia
Children: CuDasthene, 2 males, 2 females (all adopted), later at least 3 clutches sired by him.
Friends: none at first
Death: Alive, at the beginning of the Age of the Foundations

Life Edit

He was born in Lavadome, and was the last young dragon to be sent from the Dragon Empire to Sadda-Vale in exchange of a dragon being born there (DharSii). Once in Sadda-Vale, he was expected to mate with Aethleethia, daughter of Scabia and last young dragonelle living there. NaStirrath and Aethleethia became mates, but they were unable to produce a clutch with great distress of Scabia, who feared the fate of her almost lost extinct of dragons.

NaStirrath was a very peculiar and unique dragon of his time: he spent most of his time to speak about jokes and acting as a fool. When Wistala visited the Sadda-Vale, Scabia proposed her to became a surrogate-mother and lay a clutch sired by NaStirrath. The dragon (not unexpectedly) regarded the whole affair as something to laugh about, but Wistala left before Scabia intentions could be realized.

When Wistala returned with the other exiles from the Empire, Scabia demanded this service from the dragonelle, in exchange for welcoming the exiles. However NaStirrath surprised Wistala because during the flight he repeated many times how all this was going to be a "joke" until eventually when the pair was out of sight from Scabia, he left, to allow DharSii to mate with Wistala. The dragon stressed how simply he could not miss the opportunity to create another joke behind an ignorant Scabia.

Later NaStirrath acted as official father of the hatchlings, and Wistala and DharSii wondered about the results of such parenting and Scabia's influence. However when Scabia suffered a failed attempt to her life, and with the fear of an incoming invasion, Scabia made a big scolding to NaStirrath about his lack of seriousness.

The scolding greatly affected NaStirrath, surprising the same Scabia, and the dragon started taking responsibilities, organizing the defense of Sadda-Vale (including the formation of the Black Sentinels). According Scabia, NaStirrath had intelligence and qualities, but he chose to hide them behind jokes and it was come the time for the golden dragon to rise and discover his inner qualities.

He survived the conflict and kept living in Sadda-Vale: it's known that despite the supposed infertility of Aethleethia, the pair laid 2 clutches and the dragonelle quickly got pregnant with a third one (possibly as effect of the end of the war and the increased presence of Aether in the world).

Legacy Edit

At first, NaStirrath was known only as an irresponsible and ever-joking dragon, gaining little reputation among the exiles (especially Wistala). However his unexpected deception toward Scabia that led Wistala mating with DharSii was welcomed by the dragonelle, and even if poorly effective he was still caring for the adopted hatchlings.

One of his legacies, has been the demonstration that everyone can change. After being scolded by Scabia, NaStirrath let out all his suppressed instincts of pride and self-confidence and skills, directing the inhabitants of Sadda-Vale for a battle that luckily never occurred.

NaStirrath was also very active, after the conflict, in producing clutches of hatchling with his mate Aethleethia: 3 clutches are known to have bee conceived in a relatively short period of time. Apart from ensure his own bloodline to contribute the repopulation of dragons after the conflict, his children were also peculiar for being the last descendants of the unique line of the Sadda-Vale.