The Lavadome was the capital of the Dragon Empire for most of the Age of Fire and the years before. It was also the largest of the two known dragon settlements and its inhabitants constituted most of the dragon population. The name Lavadome was sometimes used to refers also as synonymous of the Dragon Empire itself, and was also the name of the crystal dome.

Geography Edit

The Lavadome is a large open area into an underground semi-active volcano. It's surrounded and protected by a mysterious crystal-dome. Seven hills are located at the bottom, and they're residence of the three dragons clans. The higher Imperial Rock (known as Black Rock) is residence of the Imperial family and their guards and servants. The other six hills are inhabited by the other dragons. Despite having no natural light, the glowing lava flowing out of the crystal give light to the whole Lavadome. It's hard to make something grow in the soil of the Lavadome and the dragons needs the food resources coming from the Uphold, for themselves and their thralls.The Lavadome was connected with the rest of the Lower World after a long networks of deep tunnels, with passages to the Upper World. A notorious entertainment place for young drakes and drakkas was the Sunshaft Beach, where dragons formed swimming parties. Anklene's hills were visited by the ones who searched cultural entertainment in terms of scrolls of poems or history: few among Wyrr and Skotl took real pleasure in it.

History Edit

The Lavadome's origins are hotly contested. Some insist that it was a scale dropped by the Air Spirit. Others that it was the working of the wizard Anklemere. Still others claim that it was dwarfwork. Whatever the case may be, it was found by ancient dragons that developed its own clan system, as designated by the progenitors of the three clans, SkotlAnklene, and Wyrr.

Each clan claimed part of the Lavadome for itself, leaving the barest slices left for hominid thralls. Eventually, fighting broke out over which clan should rightfully be in charge, leading to the Dragon Civil Wars of the Lavadome. When the fighting finally stopped, the three clans agreed to elect a leader to represent all of them, settling on the Wyrr fighter FeHazathant , and his mate Tighlia who managed to united together the clans to fight common enemies during the First Battle of Lavadome.  

Following this, the Lavadome became more established, and changed little physically, save for alterations to the Anklene hills by their residents. The Tyr and his Imperial Family settled into what became known as the Imperial Resort in Black Rock, the centerpiece of the largest hill in the Lavadome.

After the Dragons Civil Wars, at least other three large battles were fought for the Lavadome: the Second Battle of Lavadome against the Andam, the Third Battle of Lavadome against Wheel of Fire, and the Fourth Battle of Lavadome, the conclusion of the Second Dragon Civil War.