Jizara was a young hatchling, born from AuRel and Irelia, shortly before the Age of Fire. She was sister of Wistala, AuRon, the Copper and the Red. Her name was shortened simply as "Zara" by herself and by the Copper.

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Race: Dragon
Gender: Female
Appearences: Green
Current: unaffiliated
Past: unaffiliated
Current: none (hatchling)
Past: none (hatchling)
Father: AuRel
Mother: Irelia
Brother/s: the Copper, the Red, AuRon
Sister/s: Wistala
Grandfather/s: AuRye (fatherly), EmLar (motherly)
Grandmother/s: Epata (fatherly), Wistala (motherly)
Cousin: NiVom (possibly)
Distant Relative: NooMoahk (possible ancestor)
Battles: none (too young)
Death: Murdered by Dragonblade

Life and Death Edit

She was the second female, and last of the dragon siblings to hatch. She was named after a former Firemaid, friend of Irelia. Jizara had trouble getting out of her egg, and could have died without Wistala's help. She had a longer tail and neck than her sister, but not as strong.

Of the two females, Jizara was the more gracious, gentle and sweet: because of this, Jizara approached the Copper and befriended him in secret, singing for him with her beautiful voice.

The fate of Jizara was a sad tale: because of the actions of the Copper, the assassins could walk into the cave and Dragonblade killed the young hatchling (despite she was crying for mercy), shortly after her mother was finished by the dwarf Gobold.

Legacy Edit

Jizara was remembered as a kind and good hatchling, and her death was ever firm in the mind of The Siblings rising and giving strength to desire of revenge or (in the case of the Copper) a deep sadness.

The Copper personally avenged the death of Jizara, fighting and killing Dragonblade during the Second Battle of Lavadome.

Later was known that Istach, daughter of AuRon (and niece of Jizara) appeared to have features similar to Jizara (despite some differences, as for presence of stripes). The Copper experienced sudden strong feelings for the niece, because Istach reminded him so much the beloved sister.

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