The Ironriders were nomadic humans living in the vast expanses east of the Red Mountains, grouped in warlike bands with a long history of raiding and warfare with all the nearby races and nations. Even if they didn't form an unified nation with a proper leadership, in rare historical occasions they've gathered unified and fearful forces for war. Their rulers were known as "Steppe Kings".

Organization and Culture Edit

Most of their culture was centered on the horses: they're said to be born, lived and died on the back of their horses.

They're notoriously proud and prone to war with external enemies or other clans of their people. Being nomadic, inner fights and feuds among clans were common, however they were also known to trade with their neighbors in time of peace.

History Edit

The Ironriders had a long history of warfare: both among the different quarrelling tribes and the external cultures. The nomadic warriors made frequent attacks to the other human nations and races, and took side with Anklamere during the War of the Sorcerer and the Red Queen during the War of the Red Queen. In both occasion, hope for loot and personal victory of their princes was the main reason for the conflict (rather than political schemes).

The War of the Red Queen however resulted in devastating losses for the Ironriders, and in the following years with the Fall of the Ironriders their culture was effectively destroyed and their whole population was wiped out or forced in thralldom.

However according Skystreak, a small group of Ironriders fled west and successfully settled in a wooden area: some of them started merging with barbarians of Juutfod.

Military Edit

Ironriders key strength was their cavalry: they're master horsemen, and often charged their enemies or taunt them with hit-and-run moves. Their mounted warriors had fur cape and pointed hat, they used bows while riding and their spears had black feathers close the tip.