Irelia was a Wyrr dragonelle living before the Age of Fire. She's known for being the mother of The Siblings, acting as an important figure in their early life, before her eventual death.

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Race: Dragon
Gender: Female
Appearences: Green
Current: Independent
Past: Dragon Empire
Current: none
Past: Firemaids, Firemaidens
Father: EmLar
Mother: Wistala (first)
Brother/s: Culekin
Sister/s: unknown
Distant Relative: NooMoahk (possible ancestor)
Mate/s: AuRel
Children: 2 first dead clutches, third clutch: AuRon, The Copper, The Red, Wistala, Jizara
Granchildren: AuMoahk, AuSurath, Istach, Varatheela, at least another clutch confirmed and one unconfirmed

One biological clutch, but not officially, including CuDasthene, 2 other males, 2 females

Friends: Jizara (first)
Battles: Second Urlant War, Wheel of Fire-Dragons War
Death: Killed before the Age of Fire, at the beginning of the Wheel of Fire-Dragons War, assassinated by the dwarf Gobold

Early Life Edit

Irelia was born in Lavadome and chose the life of the Firemaid after her own father EmLar was disgraced and exiled and her own mother secluded herself in grief.

She took part at the Second Urlant War, that was an opportunity to redeem her family's name, but the course of the war saw the leaderships' faults of SiDrakkon and the young dragons eventually decided to flee and search for a new life outside the Lavadome.

While leaving, Irelia was growing attached to her comrades: AuRel and NiVesseth.

It's unknown what happened to NiVesseth, but eventually Irelia and AuRel became mates.

It's known that AuRel and Irelia had two clutches: however the first eggs were frozen because they settled in high mountains, and the second clutch didn't give birth to hatchlings because the chosen cave wasn't good.

It was only at the third attempt that the their clutch hatched: the one including the Siblings.

Death Edit

After having settled with his mate AuRel, and after an agreement with the Wheel of Fire, the pair had finally the desired clutch: AuRon, Wistala, Jizara, the Copper and the Red were born. They let the males fight, according the old traditions. Irelia was quick to balance the initial surprise of AuRel after Auron become the Champion: after all her own father was a scaless gray too.

Irelia was a caring mother: she started her care for the clutch even before their birth thanks the powerful bond of mind-speech of images and sounds that linked a mother with her eggs.

She paid lots of time and effort teaching the hatchlings with songs and stories of the past and how to survive in the world.

Sadly the resentment of the Copper was too strong and this led to his betrayal and the attack of the Wheel of Fire. Irelia fought to protect her hatchlings, giving her own life against the assassins: she could not save the gentle Jizara, but her efforts managed to keep in safety both Auron and Wistala, before she was ultimately killed by Gobold.

Legacy Edit

Irelia had a great influence toward her children: AuRon and Wistala kept a good memory of their parents, and Irelia's name would live in their songs. Many of the actions and decisions of The Siblings were committed after their infancy and the teaching of their parents. Thanks their children, AuRel and Irelia had a number of grandchildren (born after their death), and their line would survive after the Age of Fire.