Immortal Memory was a secret organization of dragons within the Lavadome, active shortly before the Age of Fire who played an important rule during the Dragon-riders Wars.

Origins and OperationsEdit

Originally formed by Ibidio after the suspicious circumstances of her mate's death, the group served primarily as a means of private communication between dragons who were fond of AgGriffopse and wanted the circumstances of his death revealed. The group was composed by 7 dragons: one for each Hill, in addition to one of the Imperial Family.

Years later, after the death of Tighlia, the group reconvened, now with the Copper among its ranks and a newer dragon to take the place of UlBannesh (who has been killed a day before), to come up with a plan to remove SiMevolant from power. They still paid great respect to AgGriffopse, repeating "Immortal be his memory" once he was named.

The plan eventually came to fruition, and the Copper was named Tyr (as was thought right by many in the group) after the defeat of SiMevolant in the Second Battle of Lavadome.

Members (during the Age of Fire)Edit

Many other dragons secretly recruited to fight during the Second Battle of Lavadome (many killed in action).