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Race: Dragon
Gender: Female
Appearences: Green
Current: Dragon Empire (nominally)
Past: Ghioz Empire (temporarily)
Current: Queen
Past: none
Father: AgGriffopse
Mother: Ibidio
Brother: SiMevolant, one killed in clutch-fighting
Sisters: Halaflora,Ayafeeia
Grandfather/s: Tyr FeHazathant (fatherly)
Mate/s: SiMevolant, SiDrakkon, NiVom
Children: one alleged clutch
Friends: none
Battles: Third Battle for the sun-shard
Death: Effectively due possession by the Red Queen during the Age of Fire.

Imfamnia was Wyrr a dragonelle living before and during the Age of Fire. Her actions and political intrigues were of notable importance during the events of this Age. She was also known as the Sunlight Queen by supporters, and the Jade Queen by detractors.

Biography until Exile Edit

Imfamnia was member of the Imperial Family, being granddaughter of Tyr FeHazathant and sister of SiMevolant. Since young age she proved to be spoiled, even if not sadistic as her brother. However she shared with SiMevolant a sexually perverse attitude.

Despite their age difference, she mated the new Tyr SiDrakkon, until his eventual murdering. Unsurprisingly, she become Queen of his own brother SiMevolant and supported his rise of power and the disastrous alliance with Andam. The subsequent Second Battle of Lavadome resulted in the death of SiMevolant and the ousting of the invading Andam forces: she fled to exile. Her reputation marked as "Jade Queen", to stress her promiscuity: she was hypothesized to be pregnant with a brood conceived by multiple males by the time of her escape.

(SPOILER) Biography after her Exile Edit

Imfamnia found refuge into the Ghioz Empire, there she met and NiVom. Together the pair fought during the Third Battle for the sun-shard with little success despite the successful recovery of the sun-shard.

Unbeknownst to everyone, shortly before her Exile, Imfamnia was possessed by the spirit of the Red Queen. Little or nothing of her survived while her body was used by the human, however for the rest of the world it was Imfamnia the powerful political figure who rose again (for the third time) as Queen of the Dragon Empire, taking as mate the same NiVom. After the death of the albino dragon, The Red Queen was effectively at the peak of her power but a sparkf of mistrust with Rayg, generated by AuRon's words, made the her fight against the human sorcerer.

By the time of the ultimate defeat of the Red Queen and Rayg, AuRon observed how Imfamnia's body was decaying, a probable sing how the Red Queen's possession slowly damaged the dragon body.