Ibidio was a Wyrr dragonelle living before and during the Age of Fire. She was part of the Imperial Family and had in important political role in the events of her time.

Life Edit

Ibidio was the daughter-by-mating of Tyr Fehazathant and Tighlia. She was quite prominent in the Imperial Family until her mate (the Tyr's only son) died under suspicious circumstances. She shrunk away from Lavadome society shortly thereafter, contenting to raise her son SiMevolant her daughters, Halaflora, Imfamnia, and Ayafeeia. When Fehazathant was murdered, Ibidio re-emerged into Lavadome society, calling for the Copper to be named Tyr and spearheading the rebellion against SiMevolant with the Immortal Memory group.

However her time as an ally of RuGaard came to an end: embittered over the loss of Halaflora and suspicious as ever of the circumstances surrounding her death, Ibidio searched to dethrone the Copper as violently as possible. It was her influence that made the Copper and Nilrasha separated, as terms of the Copper's exile. Eventually, she confronted with Nilrasha, and was killed by her during a savage fight.

Legacy Edit

Ibidio at first proved to be a capable member of the Imperial Family, supporting RuGaard when the freedom and life of all the dragons were in danger. Her personal losses however devastated her soul and her mind, bringing her to an obsessive quest for revenge on RuGaard himself, who she believed responsible of her daughter's death. She laid two clutches for his mate AgGriffopse: the first one with SiMevolant and Halaflora, the second one with Imfamnia and Ayafeeia and no clutch-winner survived. All of them were deeply involved in the following events during the Age of Fire.