The Hypatian Empire (also known as Hypatian Order) was an important and large human nation stretching between the Inland Sea and the Red Mountains. Elves and dwarves were also Hypatian citizens (and sometimes also dragons).

Organization and CultureEdit

Despite its name, by the time of the Age of Fire, the "Empire" was actually a confederations of self-organized cities (under the rules of Thanes) and provinces, the capital Hypat was ruled by an elected group named the Directory (or Hypatian Directory). The different provinces, or Thanedom, during the Age of Fire had grown in independence from the central power.

Some of the Thanes, like Thane Hammar, became corrupted and greed of power: demanding the same level of taxes without providing the protection when needed (as occurred with the Mossbell estate)

History Edit

The Hypatian Empire was formed with the political unification of the Eight Sister Cities. At first it was ruled by a King, however when the King Masmodon revealed of being a tyrant, the King's Council was reshaped and laws were applied even to kings. This events are known as the Reformation, bringing to the creation of the Directory: such introduction of limitation to King's rule was crafted by the ideas of the dwarf-philosopher Doomzeg

By the time of the Age of Fire, the Hypatian Empire had lost almost half of its original territory: once encircling the whole Inland Sea, was reduced just to the territory between the Sea and the Red Mountains.

The Hypatian Empire was almost destroyed during the War of the Red Queen, but its people, its culture and its traditions were saved after the First Battle of Hypat. Following the War, the survived members of the Directory, agreed to the formation of the Grand Alliance with the Dragon Empire.

The Alliance was actually just a political tool from the dragons to control the Hypatians, placing Protectors in the Thanedoms.

During the Second Dragon Civil War, Hypatians suffered greatly but they fought on the side of dragons and other allies during the Second Battle of Hypat, saving once again their city and the remains of their ancient culture.

At the end of the Age of Fire, what was left of the Hypatian Empire, was reformed and merged with the now-disbanded Dragon Empire, to form the Charted Trust.

Military Edit

Hypatian soldiers wore purple, white and gold robes in their uniforms.

The Hypatian Empire relied for much of his history to local militia (under the command of each Thane), however there was an elite corps of selected Knights of the Directory who were also engaged during the War of the Red Queen.

Another elite force was the Indomitables.

Hypatian Laws Edit

(partial list of the 8 main Laws)

‘No ruler shall kill, maim, imprison, or exile without trial by judge.’

‘No ruler shall make law that applies but to all.’

‘No ruler shall accept or give divination’

‘No ruler shall confiscate—’ ”

Known cities Edit

Hypat (capital)

Hesstur (one of the founding cities, now in ruin and known as "Tumbledown")




Fount Brass (independent, later during the Age of Fire)

Krakenoor (elven city)