HeBellereth was a Skotl dark red (the color of dried blood) duelist dragon living during the Age of Fire.

Life Edit

HeBellereth was a mature dragon able to fight known to have been a duelist. The Copper first encountered HeBellereth during the War in Bant. HeBellereth was heavily wounded after a failed assault ordered by SiDrakkon, and was left bleeding on the hill. The Copper, despite his fellow dragons' and HeBellereth's own attempts to dissuade him, roused HeBellereth from his defeatist attitude, and convinced him to keep fighting. 

After regaining his strength, HeBellereth was the one whom Nivom utilized to knock down the Ghi men's tower and walls, thus ending the siege. HeBellereth was regarded as a hero by many, following the battle.

He survived the fight with the Andam and become the commander of the Aerial Host, keeping to serve the Empire.

During the rule of Tyr RuGaard he played an important part of commander of the Host and was often called for the councils of the Tyr. He personally commanded and scored the victory in the important First Battle of the Star-Tunnel, then took part at the Battle of Ghihar.

He had also an old blue colored uncle, who expressed a low opinion of DharSii.

Fate and Legacy Edit

After many victories, HeBellereth eventually suffered terrible wounds during the Third Battle of Lavadome where his actions were remembered as heroic. Fearing his death he gave advise about his successor as commander of the Aerial Host, eventually he survived but retired due the severity of his wounds.

During his life, he proved to be an outstanding fighter and military commander, his life was marked by his courage to engage in battle without help and support for the survival of the dragons, in honor and memory of his duties.