Halaflora was a Wyrr dragonelle living shortly before the Age of Fire in Lavadome. She was part of the Imperial family and was the first mate of the Copper.

Skadjer-syrinoth collabHalaflora (left) with RuGaard
Race: Dragon
Gender: Female
Appearences: Green
Current: Dragon Empire
Past: Dragon Empire
Current: Upholder's mate
Father: AgGriffopse
Mother: Ibidio
Brother/s: SiMevolant, one killed in clutch-fighting
Sister/s: Imfamnia, Ayafeeia
Grandfather/s: Tyr FeHazathant (fatherly)
Cousin: RuGaard (adoptive)
Mate/s: RuGaard
Children: none born (possible clutch died with her)
Friends: none (introvert)
Battles: none
Death: Accidental death while eating.

Personality & Traits Edit

Halaflora was a rarity among the dragons of the Lavadome.

Her nature was extremely kind and delicate, her health issues shaped a gentle personality: Halaflora exposed many times how she was honoured to get mated with the Copper and how she truly love him.

Also she is aware of her health issues, and it is important to notice how she even suggested RuGaard to allow himself an secret relationship with Nilrasha (this speak clearly of the amount of care she had for RuGaard himself).

Differently from many other dragons of the Lavadome she displayed also gentle, kind and curious behavior toward thralls.

Life Edit

She was daughter of AgGriffopse and Ibidio: his brother was SiMevolant and his sisters (born from a second clutch) were Imfamnia and Ayafeeia. They were all grandchildren of Tyr FeHazathant. During her infancy, she quickly showed of suffering of bad health and body weakness: his father AgGriffopse even brought her on his back to fly and trying to make her better with fresh air.

Because of her health, she was known of fearing and live in sadness because imagined no mate would accept her. However Tighlia arranged for Halaflora to be mated with RuGaard as mates. Their mating flight was witnessed by the Imperial Family and caused some laughs because its shortness: despite this the RuGaard stressed to Halaflora to not care the others' laughs.

At first the Copper wasn't happy for such forced decision, because his feelings for Nilrasha, but quickly realized how Halaflora was a kind and dedicate dragonelle.

Halaflora and RuGaard moved in Anaea (where RuGaard was expected to takeover the Uphold), there Halaflora demonstrated gentleness and caring behavior toward the male, despite her own physical shortcoming. She even showed curiosity (rather than repulsion) toward the bats and fondness to RuGaard's thrall Rhea.

At some point, Halaflora even asked directly to RuGaard if he mated in secret with Nilrasha, and stated (without showing rage) that it wasn't a problem if happened and she was understanding how RuGaard would have enjoyed more a strong and pretty dragonelle like Nilrasha. RuGaard replied stressing his loyalty toward the oath he took with her, and confirmed he have never betrayed her. The discussion prompted RuGaard to ask Halaflora to mate with him, even if under the stony roofs of the Upholder residence rather than in the sky.

Their happiness was short-lived however, because the Invasion of Anaea.

Death Edit

After their last mating, Halaflora believed she was pregnant and was overjoyed by the news. She remained in the Upholder's palace and when RuGaard returned also came the news of the death of SiDrakkon.

Suddenly a horn was sounded, used by Rhea to call for help, and when RuGaard reached the scene he found Halaflora dead, close to Nilrasha, and blood both on her mouth and on Nilrasha's sii.

RuGaard was shocked by the death and suddenly questioned Nilrasha of what happened and the Firemaid claimed that Halaflora had choked on a large portion of meat that possibly contained a bone (although such a large meal wouldn't normally have been eaten by Halaflora, but she believed herself to be brooding at the time and desired to feed herself well) and that she died before she could remove it from her throat. This story was viewed with suspicion by most (including RuGaard) and many believed that she had murdered Halaflora to ensure she could become RuGaard's mate.

The exact circumstances of Halaflora's death remained unclear. Rhea, the thrall who was present at the time of death (and also raised the alarm) remained silent about the events until her death, whereupon she reportedly claimed that Nilrasha had murdered Halaflora.

However, the source of this story - one of RuGaard's bats - may have been unreliable; he falsely claimed that Nilrasha confessed to RuGaard immediately, and that he planted a bone in her throat. In addition to this, he retold his story prior to being fed on dragon blood, which RuGaard noted could result in a bat giving less than accurate answers to please the dragon asking them.

Another problem with this theory was that RuGaard never heard Rhea's words: it was probable that the girl was actually mute.

Years later, Nilrasha would tell Wistala that Halaflora did suffocate on a large piece of meat, but died when Nilrasha briefly hesitated to help her out of jealousy; by the time she attempted action it was too late.

It's uncertain how much of the truth was guessed by RuGaard in his later years and if eventually Nilrasha confessed the truth to RuGaard after their rumored survival after the Age of Fire.

Legacy Edit

RuGaard was deeply affected by Halaflora's death, and when fearing an involvment from Nilrasha, he promised to kill her if she was really responsable of Halaflora's death (the truth was partial: because Nilrasha was not responsable of the accident, but hesitated and lost the chance to save Halaflora's life).

RuGaard often remembered the gentleness and the care of the kind dragonelle, however Halaflora's legacy was also darkened by the vengage of her mother Ibidio: Ibidio's actions would lead to a coup removing RuGaard from power and eventually her own death.

The loss of Halaflora however made little to shake the confidence of RuGaard: the next years would be for him a deep fight to allow the survival of dragons, and her beloved one eventually (according widespread rumors of his secret survival) achieved the deserved happyness after the Second Dragon Civil War