The griffaran are sentient creatures inhabiting the Lower World. At the time of the Age of Fire, they were found in the Lavadome and were primarily employed as bodyguards for the Tyr or as soldiers in the Aerial Host, their society being strictly linked with the Dragon Empire and following the orders of the Tyr. They've known to be extremely loyal and courageous (at the point that the personal Tyr bodyguards were all griffaran), however they have a big weak point: an insane fear for water.

The friendship between dragons and griffaran was originated according a legend that told about a griffaran egg and a dragon egg washed away in a storm, saved and hatched together by a wise old eagle.

More historical data brings the griffaran in alliance with the dragons during the First Battle of Lavadome, thanks the action of the dragon RaHurath.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

The griffaran have four limbs and wings, with smaller and lighter bodies (compared to dragons) covered by feathers. Their heads are avians and gifted with fearsome beaks. They have longer feathers on the rear (that may be confused at first glance for twin-tails), their feathers are known to be bright and beautiful at look, with different colors (possibly related to different lines). They are significantly faster than dragons due to their lack of scale, and their talons can cause significant damage and as such are a major threat to dragons when fighting in the air. Griffaran lay eggs, like dragons do. The eggs contain a delicious fluid inside of them, making them good meals and enticing targets for demen and desperate young dragons

A twisted and distorted sub-species of Griffaran was bred by Rayg for military purpose, they were known as Griffaran of the Rock.

Notable GriffaranEdit

  • Miki, the inhabitant of the egg the Copper "saved".
  • Yarrick, the griffaran who brought the Copper to the Lavadome
  • Aiy-Yip, chief of the personal guard of Tyr RuGaard

Note Edit

Griffaran appear to be identical to mythological Griffins. The name of their species "Griffaran" is used both as singular and plural.