The Ghioz Empire (also known as the Empire of the Ghioz, or simply Ghioz ) was a powerful southern human empire, located south of the Hypatian lands and west of Bant.

Organization and Culture Edit

Inhabitants of the Ghioz Empire are often named "Ghi-men". They were also known as "Stonemen" because their skill in building cities. Under the rule of the Red Queen, the Empire grew a thriving economy and an increasing expansion: she split the power into a large series of titles, with "titleor" ("overking" in Parl) governing each province.

Their society under the rule of the Red Queen praised first of all a greedy attitude to gain profit and reward richness instead culture. Their legal system was exposed as flawed, because affected and distorted by the wealth and social status.

The Ghioz Empire effectively attempted to ensure superiority of the humans toward the other races (including dragons), even if differently from the openly bloody ways of the Andam.

Such culture was effectively destroyed by the War of the Red Queen.

History Edit

They were an aggressive culture determined to wrest the territory of Bant from control of the dragons. The Ghi-men were well-versed in masonry and building, lending them an advantage in war due to their advanced war machines and walls. The Ghi-men's invasion was eventually quelled, and they were forced to return to their land while the Dragon Empire retained control over Bant. Despite this setback, the Ghi-men briefly flourished under the years of power of the Red Queen, surpassing the decaying Hypatians as the most advanced human culture in matters of richness and military power.

Their downfall was eventually marked by the War of the Red Queen, becoming subjected of the Dragon Empire after the end of the conflict.

Known cities Edit

Ghihar (capital)