The Firemaids were an order of female dragon warriors dedicated to protecting the denizens of the Lavadome before and during the Age of Fire.

They've not to be confounded with the Firemaidens.

Organization and OathsEdit

The group originated from the Dragon Civil Wars: a first group known as "First Score" gathered and swore to abandon the differences and their origin to protect all the eggs from the revenge killings that occurred during the conflict.

The Firemaids were greatly respected throughout the Lavadome for their skill in battle and discipline in life. They operated essentially as more experienced Firemaidens, taking up guarding positions of key points in the Upholds and Lavadome. They were also more than capable fighters, however, and were also employed as soldiers, rooting out opposition in the tunnels beneath the Lavadome and eventually in the Upper World. 

Younger Firemaidens called the older senior Fairmaids as "maidmothers".

Firemaids used a red-painted strip around the neck for each oath they took (from one to three).

Despite the leader of the Firemaids directed her sisters in battle and campaign, the Firemaids were formally ruled by the Queen.

Firemaids (and Firemaidens) are quartered in Halfhollow Hill: not properly an "hill", but a depression with many caves.

Retired Firemaids (by wounds or by age) who are no more able to fight, are split into three subgroups: "advisor", "superior" or "of distinguished merit".

Oaths Edit

The Firemaids were famous for their oath of celibacy. The reasons for the oath centers around preserving themselves and their focus for the betterment of dragonkind. This oath was one of the strictest a dragonelle could make, and it was considered very dishonorable to break it.

  • First Oath: made by Firemaidens before joining the group.
  • Second Oath: once reached adulthood, to became Firemaids
  • Third Oath: to fully pledge their loyalty and swore to remain unmated (or rather "to mate with all dragonkin and defend it as our own".

A Firemaiden is allowed to not pledge the second oath, but usually she leave the group to carry on her interests or affairs. Also an adult Firemaid can decide to not take the third oath, but this is a less common. It is worth to mention that some fully fledged and adult dragonelles remain Firemaidens without taking the second oath.

Not all the Firemaids took the Third Oath quickly: a notable example was Irelia. Even if a Firemaid had not took the Third Oath, it's still considered extremely un-polite for a dragon even to touch her (with exception of fight-training).

Notable FiremaidsEdit