Not to be confused with the older, celibate order of the Firemaids.

The Firemaidens were a female contemporary of the male-only Drakwatch, they were mostly composed by drakka who could later in their lives join the Firemaids.

Structure and DutiesEdit

The overall composition and organization of the Firemaidens was similar to the Drakwatch. Several dozen drakka were taught to fight, patrol, and protect the Lavadome. Their duties were not as far-ranging, often taking positions as guards rather than patrolling. The Firemaidens were no less respected in Lavadome society, however, and never hesitated to demonstrate their abilities to their Drakwatch cousins. 

One major difference is that the Drakwatch instructors were mostly made up of veterans and duelists, where as the Firemaidens took their instructions from their "older sister order", the Firemaids .

Three Oaths Edit

A young drakka that wanted be part of the Firemaidens made an oath once she entered the group.

If she kept on service once turned dragonelle she could progress with the second oath and became Firemaid.

Also the Third Oath could bring the Firemaidens to became a Firemaid, however not all the Firemaidens that took the Third Oath became automatically Firemaids (also not all the Firemaids took the Third Oath); finally there are some Firemaidens who remain in the group once adult, without taking the second oath and becoming Firemaids, but all these cases were not common.

Notable MembersEdit