FeLissarath was a dragon living as Upholder of Anaea shortly before the Age of Fire.

He and his mate were friendly, hardy outdoorsman dragons, they were often hunting together when they weren't busy with their Upholder duties.

They had been unable to have a clutch, so they grew fond and caring of the humans of the Uphold and were friendly toward a young dragon like the Copper.

The pair died together, fighting against the Dragon-riders during the Invasion of Anaea.

Note Edit

Considering the name, he was probably a relative of FeHazathant, thus making him a dragon of Wyrr line.

CuPinnatax who became Upholder of Anaea during the Age of Fire, was said to have had FeLissarath as grandsire, however FeLissarath and his mate were also known to have been unable to have a clutch: it's possible that at some point had adopted a dragon as child, who later sired CuPinnatax.