FeHazathant was a red dragon of the Wyrr line.He was the first Tyr of the Lavadome , and the current Tyr upon the Copper's arrival, before the Age of Fire. His reign was the longest and (for most of the time) more stable, compared to the ones of his successors.

Early LifeEdit

Along with NeStirrath , Fehazathant was a veteran of many battles, including the Dragon Civil Wars of the Lavadome. Though he was saddened by the chaos and death surrounding him, he maintained his composure and prowess in battle throughout. It was also his leadership abilities and cool head that made him the prime candidate to be elected Tyr in the aftermath of the civil war. He was also mated to Tighlia during this time, and had one clutch of eggs, most notably siring AgGriffopse, from a previous mate. 

Last years as TyrEdit

By the time of the events before the Age of Fire, FeHazathant was old and wizened by time. He grew the remarkable number of 21 horns atop his crest, but his body has lost much of his strength. However he maintained a friendly and calm disposition, demonstrating that he still had the ability to lead dragons that won him the title in the first place. When disputes rose, he was known to be quick to settle them and very hard to anger. He was quick to reward good deeds and did not hesitate to make his decisions swiftly, trusting his instincts more than his advisors. 

He considered the Copper as something of a grandson, treating him with kindness and giving him tasks that properly tested his abilities without making a fool of him. It was FeHazathant that gave the Copper the charge of assisting with and eventually taking over the duties as Upholder of Anaea

As the events carried on, FeHazathant became the target of a scheme to steal the throne and change the direction of the Lavadome. The Copper was warned of the conspiracy and tried to dissuade FeHazathant from taking rash action and being too trusting. FeHazathant insisted that the Copper knew little of court politics and that FeHazathant knew who he can trust. Despite the Copper's urgings, he went about trying to defuse the situation himself and was found dead the next morning in Tighlia's chambers.


Regarded by many as the embodiment of every value a dragon should have, FeHazathant's death was met with general public distress. In the turmoil that followed, many vied for and acquired the position of Tyr, but were ultimately unable to follow in FeHazathant's footsteps. The Copper himself, when named Tyr, insisted that he could not be compared to FeHazathant, as the Copper believed he would never be able to do what FeHazathant did. From a first mate, he had only one clutch-winner, AgGriffopse: he mated Ibidio and sired SiMevolant, Halaflora, Imfamnia and Ayafeeia.