EmLar was a gray scaleless Wyrr dragon, father of Irelia and mate of Wistala. He was grandsire of the siblings, and was responsible for passing his gray genes to AuRon. He was also grandsire of NiVom.

Life Edit

He took part at the First Urlant War, AuRye who would be another grandfather of the Siblings also took part at the war. His actions were decisive to ensure the stability of the humans of the Upholder.

Later however he was disgraced and went in exile out of the Lavadome and the Empire, apparently because he was opposed to the Tyr. It's also stated that he was leader of the back-to-nature group of dragons, that refused the growing corruption of the Empire and the dangers of such civilization. He was also against the use of splitting male hatchlings to prevent the hatchling fight.

EmFell is believed to be an ancestor of EmLar, thus making him (and his offspring) a relative of the ancient NooMoahk.

Legacy Edit

It's unknown if Irelia managed to find hes father after she deserted the Lavadome. It's known however that Wistala, mate of EmLar, spent her last years in disgrace and sadness in the Empire: Irelia kept her memory alive, naming Wistala after her own mother.

The same name of EmLar would live on the mating-song and memory of Irelia and AuRon, and in the blood of his descendants. When AuRel realized how the Champion of the clutch was a scale-less gray, he was disappointed but Irelia was quick to underline how he probably took after her grandfather: from her words appears she kept great respect for him.