The Elves are an elusive race of hominids. Characterized by grace, intelligence and strength, they're have often leaves or tendrils growing among their hair, upon death their bodies are turned into trees (this "death" is called the Last Age of an elf).

Elven natural life-span (like the dwarven) is known to be much longer than human and the one of blighters. However Elves during the Age of Fire are known to have less children born than then previous Ages.

Elves pay little care to relationships between brothers and cousins, differently from humans and dwarves (this also helps them to not have feuds over inheritances).

Lives and culture Edit

During the Age of Fire, remains of the elven race can be found mostly in Hypatian lands. Elves often associated themselves with Humans and Dwarves.

During the Dragon-riders Wars, elves suffered greatly: the cities of Enderad and Ilslis were destroyed, as well as the ancient city of Krakenoor, inhabited by the sea-elves.

Elves are divided into ethnical subgroup, that can be parted looking at the kind of leaves and tree tendrils growing from their hair. Are known: sea-elves (believed to be very rare, in Age of Fire), forest-elves, bog-elves.

Secrets Edit

It's little-known among not-elves, but elves actually may reproduce after their death.

Even if they're known to have natural children (and even children with humans), once an elf-turned-tree flourish and grow, it can spread seed after some time and an entire family of descendants can be born: they are born in adult-forms, inheriting part of the memories and knowledge of their "parent", the whole process can be seen as a partial reincarnation.

This event needs a certain amount of aether (see Magic) to be triggered: a mass-birth of elves occurred just at the end of the Age of Fire, with the birth of a whole army and the following creation of a stable colony in the following Age.

Notes Edit

Elves in Age of Fire bears similarities with the elves of other high-fantasy stories, but also some differences. They're still high and gifted with grace, agility and strength (they're masters in archery), as culture and intelligence.

However many are known to work for themselves, and Auron even met a group of elves bandits that were devoted to plunder, kills and rape.