The Dwarves are a tenacious and resistant race of hominids. They're characterized by short stature, long beards (often decorated with glowing moss or golden dust) and stubborn but usually loyal behavior. When travelling or working on surface, the dwarves usually put mask on their face (also to preserve the glowing moss)

Dwarven natural life-span (like the elven) is known to be much longer than human and the one of blighters. Two of the original Founding Partners of the Diadem are still alive during the Age of Fire: both have more than 600 years.

Dwarves share little of their own language to other races, keeping it secret to most.

Lives and Culture Edit

Dwarves doesn't have an unified nation but their allegiances are given to different clans, groups or companies: many dwarves enjoy a laborious life of merchant, smiths and artisans, other less fortunate works as diggers or miners, while others enjoy warfare (as the Wheel of Fire).

The most famous clans of dwarves are:

Dwarves doesn't believe in spirits, supernatural, or deity, they've only some legends (like the Legend of Dwar) that are narrated as parables or metaphors.