The Drakwatch was an organization in Lavadome society designed to teach young drakes combat skills, discipline, and teamwork.

Organization & ValuesEdit

The Drakwatch was made up of approximately six-to-seven "claw-scores" of drakes at a given time (considering that a full "claw-score" is said to be of twelve "true-claws", the number is between 72 - 84 drakes in the drakwatch).

Their duties typically involved patrolling the grounds of the Lavadome, running messages, and breaking up disputes.

Members of the Drakwatch aspired to accrue honor in their lifetime and to make a lasting memory. The ideal life to a member of the Drakwatch was one full of deeds that would be sung to hatchlings for generations to come. Physically speaking, Drakwatch instructors valued toughness and discipline, emphasizing the ability to ignore pain in favor of completing an objective. It was also common for Drakwatch members to compete against the Firemaidens , their female contemporaries. Sometimes drakes from the Drakwatch and Firemaidens raided their respective ore reserves: such conflicts were actually accepted as further training to strength the groups.

Drakes also received lectures about proverbs (to be learned and recited), and stories of battles lost and won.

The Drakwatch members could be identified by how long they have spent in the organization, with the fresh, untested first-year members holding significiantly fewer honors than the veterans of the group.

Only a small part of the Drakwatch would keep on a military career in the Aerial Host.

Notable MembersEdit