Drakine is the language spoken by the dragons inhabiting the World. It is described as fatalistic, having few words that describe happy occasions. It also appears to be close and distantly related with the feline's language.

Some ExamplesEdit

  • Foua: A product of the firebladder, the organ which produces the dragons' flame. When mixed with liquid fats stored within, and then exposed to oxygen, the foua ignites into oily flame.
  • Griff: The armored fans descending from the forehead and jaw that cover the sensitive ear holes and throat pulse points of a dragon in battle.
  • Griff-tchk: An instant, an immeasurably short amount of time.
  • Laudi: Brave and glorious deeds in a dragon's life that make it into the life-song.
  • Prrum: The low thrumming sound a dragon makes when it is pleased or content.
  • Saa: The rear legs of a dragon. The three rear toes are able to grip, but the fighting spur is little more than a decoration
  • Sii: The front legs of a dragon. The claws are shorter and the fighting spur on the rear leg is closer to the other digits and is opposable. The digits are more elegantly formed for manipulation.
  • Sissa: A military term to include a score (a dozen) of drakes or drakka from Drakwatch or Firemaidens.
  • Torf: A small gob from the firebladder, used to provide a few moments of illumination.