The Dragonblade, also known as Drakossozh, was a famous human dragon-slayer who gained renown for his fame and skill. He wore a distinct winged helmet and used a distinct long spear named Byltzarn (="White spear of lightning") and sword Dunherr, (= "the thunder’s edge"), while his armor was made with dragon scales, protecting him from fire . The only dragons he hunted but could not kill were the Siblings.

Life Edit

He joined the Wheel of Fire in attacking AuRel, Irelia and their hatchling: he met with the captured Copper with Hazeleye and Gobold Fangbreaker. He then persuaded him to lead the hominids to his family, where he killed Irelia and Jizara. He then tracked and killed AuRel, after having found the tracks of Wistala,but the drakka saved her life falling into a river, while also Auron escaped from an earlier meeting thanks the wolves.

At some point of the life, Dragonblade gained a Hypatian Knight-Seal (this would later force Rainfall to give help and supply to him).

Eventually he was on service of Thane Hammar but left him during the Invasion of Mossbell despite having the possibility to kill Wistala. Later, though, Wistala made a pact with him to cease hunting dragons, which he agreed to.

Both him and his son worked with the Dragon-riders: he was involved in their expedition to the Lavadome and accepted Tyr SiMevolant's offer to become governor of the Lavadome. After doing so, he was killed by the RuGaard during a duel, after being drenched in foua that then ignited, burning him from the inside of his armor out.

His position was taken up by his son upon death, until he was finally killed in the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice. He was known to have also a daughter, named Adaska.

Personality Edit

Dragonblade was known to have great contempt toward the dragons (it's said that his father was killed by dragons), when pursuing AuRon, he taunted him about the killing of an human child and fishermen on the coast. Dragonblade was feared and hated by The Siblings and dragons because his actions. However it appears clear how the hatred of Dragonblade was originated from original suffering: even if he killed also hatchlings like Jizara, he was know for being more reasonable and capable of making pacts with dragons (with Wistala), compared with his son Eliam. He was also undoubtedly courageous and really believed dragons had to be exterminated, to leave the world of humans in peace.

During the Invasion of Mossbell he was clearly disgusted by the treatment the Barbarians were giving to the prisoner Rainfall, and abandoned Hammar before freeing Rainfall from the ropes.

Trivia Edit

Wolves believed that he killed 6 dragons, even if it's unknown if the count included the Siblings family. According to Eliam's claim, his father total tally was of 25 dragons (1/4 of his own, however Eliam probably never faced a dragon in true and fair battle).

Family Edit

Odlon (grandfather)

father (killed by dragons)

Eliam (son and heir)

Adaska (daughter)

Quotes Edit

“Demon spawn! Plague of women and children! You face a man this time, not a child. Come and try to take me.” Speaking to Auron