The Dragon Empire was a nation of dragons, settled for most of its history in the Lower World. The Empire was centered into the Lavadome but its extend into a large series of galleries and to the Upholds on the Upper World. Sometimes it's referred also with the name of the "Lavadome" because dragons reside there.

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The Empire was lead by the Tyr: an absolute monarch that however had to listen all the internal voices and opinions three clans representatives, if he wanted to live long (murdering of Tyrs was a common practice after the death of Tyr FeHazathant: no Tyr actually left the power willingly).

With exception of the Imperial line, the dragons are split in three main clans: the fiery and proud Skotl, the scholar Anklene and the wise Wyrr, inhabiting seven hills in Lavadome.

Most of the efforts of the Tyr were directed to please the requests of the representatives of one clan, without antagonize the others.

A great deal of the time of the Tyr FeHazathant has been said to have been the cure and the dispositions to support and strength all the new hatchlings (because he realized how the dragons needed to increase the numbers), such practice was followed also by Tyr RuGaard. By tradition, the Queen took care, interest and nominal leadership of the Firemaidens and Firemaids.

The Tyr and his family take residence in the Imperial Rock.

Tyrs and Queens (Chronological)Edit


Though the dragon clans still wanted to have their interests represented the most, each allowed the decisions of the Lavadome to fall to the bearer of the title of Tyr . Advisors from each of the clans were a common sight, and as the dragon clans are a contentious lot, the Tyr's decisions rarely benefit them all.

Aside from the Tyr, whose decisions govern the whole of the empire, there were various Upholds scattered across the Upper World. These extensions of the Lavadome's authority often maintain production of resources or information for the Lavadome, such as Anaea's production of kern. Each Uphold was ruled by an Upholder . It was seen as a distinctive position, as the Tyr selected the Upholder himself. Though the Upholder maintains control over his or her Uphold, the Tyr's authority would supersede the Upholder's if necessary.

Upholds were effectively hominids vassal-states of the Empire: they were able of self-governing for their own matters, but depended on the Empire's strength for protection against other hominids nations (in exchange of the resources handed in tribute)

With the establishment of the Grand Alliance between the Hypatian Empire and the Dragon Empire, the new title of "Protector" was established: differently from the Upholder, the Protector took residence into Hypatian (or Dairussian) territory: for the Hypatian Empire, each Thanedom got an assigned Protector, whose duties were to protect and support the local Thane. Eventually the system of Protectorates was revealed to be another form of extension of the power of the Empire.

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