not to be confused with the Dragonriders of the Aerial Host

The Dragon-riders (or Dragonriders) was a short-lived but powerful organization of human warriors that established an independent and warlike Order in the Isle of Ice, led by Wrimere the Wyrmmaster. Lavadome's dragons called the dragons of the Riders as "hag-ridden dragons".

Organization and feature Edit

The Order tamed wild dragons and forced them in service, mounting selected riders on them. The organization was led by the Wyrmmaster that directed the strategy and the purposes of the Riders. Officially the Riders claimed to work to strength and protect humankind and dragons at the same time, but in realty they led a xenophobic policy toward dwarfs and elves, destroying even the humans that opposed their extermination campaign. The claims to work on the welfare of dragons was equally hypocrite: dragonelles were forced to breed by selected males to the ground, without being allowed to fly, and without having contacts with the laid clutches. Newborn dragons were quickly brought into contact with the future Riders, depriving them from natural instincts. Dragons were forced to fight as war-beasts, they were also put in flying and fighting competition to conquer the position of breeders in the "breeding stock": the losers were castrated and went in the "fighting stock".

The Order was strictly connected with the Andam, that was basically an extensions of the Wyrmmaster's ideology to not-Riders.


Dragon-riders recruited many men among the Barbarian tribes, building a powerful military force with the use of such warriors and enslaved dragons.

Despite Isle of Ice was their stronghold and central administrative power, they had other more military stronghold: the Dragon Tower of Juutfod, the Varvar coasts (with their ships) and a floating sea-elven ring (a floating platform) that was conquered in war.

The Order attempted to establish the superiority of humans over the other hominids, waging a massive war against many different opponents, but as consequence of the Dragon-riders Wars the Order was effectively destroyed, while the Isle of Ice was inhabited by the freed dragons.

Some of the dragon-riders fled to the Ghioz Empire, seeking refuge. But once they started to spread the beliefs of the Andam, they were put to death.

A number of survivors joined the Dragon Tower: there they were ruled by a mistress. Females from the Isle of Ice were known to search for mates among them (most of dragons in the "fighting stock" were known to have been castrated, but this clearly didn't occurred to all of them: especially the young ones still in training that had yet to face a trial). Dragon-riders of such place shortly abandoned the most racist and stern policy of the Wyrmaster, even allying with dwarves and elves in the Second Dragon Civil War (despite carrying still some contempt toward the elves).

Other Dragon-riders survived the fight against the Lavadome: they were incorporated into the Aerial Hosts and contributed in settling the riders as a fighting force on the Lavadome dragons: these new Dragon-riders (Dragon Empire) however lives and fight as thralls or as freemen but still subjects of the dragons.